August 05, 2011

Creative minds make me happy

If I were rich, I'd probably buy lots of stuff I don't need but I want ... such as the following :p.

* Click on store names to be linked to them.

Have you found the perfect bean bag yet? I have! Too bad is 135 Euros :/.

This is the most amazing notebook that I ever did see! Meet the walls notebook. For 16 bucks, you get to write legal graffiti in the comfort of your own home ... or wherever you want ;p.

This same studio has also developed the Anti-theft lunch bags. Nice way to prevent lunch theft at work, hehe.

Aaand one more product designed by the.. Paying for stuff wouldn't hurt so much if our receipts had colorful pictures like these ones on the backside, don't you think?

I kind of dig this project ;). "Dear Magi, this year I do not want ..."

Hope you all have a very creative and productive weekend! ;D


Rose said...

All this stuff is awesome! I love the anti theft lunch bags, what an amazing idea. Although I may be put off eating my own lunch using these ;)


chantilly said...

those bean bags are awesome! the anti-theft lunch bags are so clever. you always find the cutest stuff :)

Corina said...

Love them, love them, love them!
I would find it impossible to choose my favorite item.
Excellent post!!!
Have a nice day :)

Rosie said...

wow! you're so clever at finding amazing things!
i love the bean bags, i need the camera one in my life ^_^
Rosie xo