August 14, 2011

Being anal in the kitchen

One of the first things that struck me when I started living with my husband was to find out how anal he is. This is particularly evident in the kitchen. I wasn't used to having so many utensils!

As you can see, we have all kinds of measuring cups. I can't recall ever using one in Buenos Aires, haha.

I had never used any of these either! Why would I need a timer when I have a watch or a cell phone? A meat thermometer? What the hell? ... Well, David uses the hell out of that thermometer and I have to admit that his chicken breasts are always perfect.

We also have a station full of spices. I had many different spices back home, too ... Only they were all thrown in a small drawer :/.

I was shocked to see how well organized all the drawers and cabinets were. Here's just one example:

And I had honestly never found so many cleaning products for just one room in the house! I don't think I've used all of these yet, hehe. Oh, and I forgot to include the Wet Jet in the picture; I really like it ;).

After living here for half a year, I can say I got used to using most of these products and I love having a kitchen that is well-equipped. It takes time to keep it clean and organized, but it's really worth it ;).

Hope you're all having a great weekend! ;D

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lissa said...

sadly, I can't cook but buying cute gadgets that I don't use, is fun plus we all an excuse to go to the kitchen besides checking the fridge.

have a lovely day.