July 12, 2011

What's in my suitcase for Vegas?

So the time has finally come for us to go to Vegas! :D David could take Friday off so we're leaving that day first thing in the morning. We're only staying there 3 days, but I'm excited as if we were going on vacation :p. Nevada will be the second state in America I'll visit.

Anyway, here's a peek at what I'm taking for our mini trip.

I'm probably taking more stuff than I need, but since I have room in the suitcase, what the hell, hehe.

- Black velvet dress
- Bear dress
- Yellow dress
- Koi fish coat

- Blue vichy dress
- Sheep dress (yep! I love animals :p)
- Vintage blouse

- Black leather shoes
- Melissas

- Black bag

- Undies
- Night gown
- Kitty stockings
- Black tights
- Black shrug
- Bag hanger

- Make up and grooming products
- Perfume
- Lint brush
- Flat iron
- Allergy medicine

- Big and small tripods
- Canon camera
- Holga cfn 120
- Fuji camera (not there because I used it to take these pics, hehe)

And that is pretty much it. I'd have to add whatever I'm wearing that day (still undecided) and my big leather bag containing a bunch of stuff for a couple of blog posts ;).

I didn't have internet for a day, so I haven't been able to check your blogs :(. I promise I'll catch up with you tomorrow! :)

Have a great day! And remember you still have time to enter my Little Vintage Giveaway!


Unknown said...

i've noticed your nina ricci perfume there! I have that ^_^
love this post - im nosy and like looking what people have packed :)
hope you have an awesome time!
Rosie xo

chantilly said...

have fun girl!! i love that yellow shirt with the ruffly peter pan collar :)

Oh, My Darling said...

Have a great time on your trip!!!