July 31, 2011

Weekend highlights

Hello, everybody! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! ;) Mine involved meeting lots of people, which, fortunately, wasn't as overwhelming as I though it would be.

We drove a bit to go to a birthday party in a bar.

We had people over for a barbecue; ate like pigs and drank quite a lot, too.
I totally forgot to take pictures of my pretty sangria, bah!

Scattegories (aka Tutti Frutti in Argentina).

Sunday consisted of more eating :/, lazying about ...

Aaaand David has just arrived with a present! :D

I have a Razor! Yay! :P Ever since I saw my little neighbors riding their own, I've been covetting one.

I'm off to keep riding my new toy! :D

Hope you start the week off with a big smile!


La Fille D'or said...

aww what a fun weekend!

Rose said...

Looks like fun times. I always enjoy hanging out with friends.
Hope you have fun with your new toy! I got a new laptop yesterday, so excited :)


chantilly said...

i'm glad you had such an amazing weekend! xx

Corina said...

Now I know why you haven't answered my e-mails! haha Congrats on the new toy :D
It sounds you guys had a fun weekend.
I wish you a fun week :)

Bimba Ropa Vintage said...

me encantan los colores de la producción y ganas de viajar!!
cuando vengas a BA te esperamos Miki!!

Hello Naka said...

awh i bet you look so cute on your razor, we have them over here., it pretty popular with children too, ive seen a couple of parent ride back home on one after they've taken their child to school :p

Mona said...

What were u guys doing?? Were u playing a game? If so, what game?Looks like fun!!