July 15, 2011

This week in pictures

Happy Friday, everybody! Right now we are on the road heading for Vegas :). I didn't want to leave this little blog unattended for so many days, so I scheduled this post for today. This is a glimpse of what's been going on this week ;).

David got this Polaroid camera from his father. He's been looking into films and found out they're as much as $45?! :O It's a Polaroid Sun 600 LMS. Does anybody know where I can find cheaper films for it? We'd really love to use it, but $45 is way too pricy :/.

Erm, this is what happens when you forget a bag of gummy bears in the car on a hot summer day ...

This is what our kitties look like through their little door.

Don't they look extra cute from that angle? Hehe :).

And guess who are enjoying our new patio most than anybody else???

Ha! These brats certainly own the whole house!

Baking cupcakes is not the smartest choice when you're supposed to be on a diet :( ...

I can't help staring at the mountains every time we drove by them :).

Last but certainly not least ... Look at the awesome dress and hair accessories that I got from Teryn! I'm thrilled! :D She's so generous and a total sweetheart! Thank you so much, Teryn!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! :D

I'll catch up with you, lovely bloggers, once we're back home ;).


Oh, My Darling said...

Melted gummy bears -- love it!

Hello Naka said...

i love the dress :3 and the poor gummy bears melted to death :9 and i love the polaroid, i knew the film was expensive, but not that expensive D: maybe ebay though? outdate film is normally okay, just keep it in the fridge.

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

These are all so cute. Do you know ? x hivenn

Corina said...

Nice photos :)
I've just looked for the films in Mercado Libre but didn't have luck :(
What's the word I should look for in Spanish? I tried "film", "papel" and "rollo" but didn't have luck :(
Enjoy the trip to Vegas!

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

i love all the dresses and the cute photos of your cats!