July 24, 2011

Random facts about me

My cool friend Rosie has tagged me with a blog award ;). I thought I'd let you know a bit more about me by answering these questions, so here I go!

Rules upon receiving this award are
1) Mention and link who passed you the award
2) Answer the following questions
3) Share seven facts about yourself
4) Award 15 blogs.

1.- What's your favorite color?
I love color in general! When it comes to clothing I usually try to avoid gray and brown because I don't think they suit me ok; and I guess I like purple a lot, but I can't settle for just one favorite color :p.

2.- What's your favorite song?
I have many favorite songs and they change depending on my mood. One of my favorite all time bands is Entre Rios, an indie band from Argentina which does no longer exist. I love all of their songs! The combination of a soprano and electronic music is way too irresistible to me. I also love "As We Fight" by Alsace Lorraine. And lots of songs by Belle & Sebastian, etc.

3.- What's your favorite dessert?
Ice cream ... and creme brulee once in a while rocks, too.

4.- What's pissing you off?
I don't get pissed too often, but something that's making me really uneasy right now is the fact that I still can't legally apply for a job :(.

5.- When you're upset, you ...
listen to music and intersperse brainstorming to try to solve whatever is bugging me with daydreaming.

6.- Black or white?
Black for clothes, probably; and white for everything else.

7.- Biggest fear?
Suffering physically and losing people I love.

8.- Your best feature?
Can it be something not connected with physical appearance? If so, having a positive attitute, always ;).

9.- Everyday attitute ...
Live every day as if it were your last.

10- What is perfection?
Being coherent with what you believe in (not as easy as it seems!), being able to do what you love ... Sharing your life with people who truly deserve your company and trust.

11.- Guilty pleasure ...
LOTS of ice cream and Cheddar and sour cream Ruffles (not together, though, hehe).

7 facts about me

* I get frustrated when I ask someone what their favorite bands are and they don't seem to know :/ ...

* I'm more of a listener than a talker.

* I refuse to pronounce the words quesadilla, pollo, tortilla the American way. I pronounce the Spanish "ll" as most Argentinians, i.e. "sh".

* I've never got drunk. I tried, though. And I'm not proud of it, ha.

* I sometimes find myself speaking like Kevin from The Office :/ ... and I hate it.

* I was proud of having brought only two bags and not having had to pay overweight when I moved to the States. Now I've realized I forgot a lot of things and I feel sad and angry at myself.

* I don't drive. I'm planning to learn, though.

The bloggers I want to tag are:
(Yeah, I know I'm supposed to tag 15 people, but ... oh, well ...)

Hope you have great plans for today! ;D


chantilly said...

congratulations, and thank you for the tag!!

Chrissy said...

Congrats on the award, sweetie, you totally deserve it! And I loved reading your post - wonderful!
Thanks so much for tagging me! I am excited!! Hugs xxx

Laura said...

Yay for your blogging award! Thanks for tagging me! :)
Hope you had a nice weekend. :)