July 01, 2011

Planning a fun and low-budget weekend

On the eve of a long weekend, I always get excited. I think about being idle most of the time and staying in bed with David until late. I know you may be thinking, "But you're only a volunteer at the library; aren't you idle every day?". Well, the thing is I can stay home instead of going to the library, but even though it's not a real job, I feel I have to go. Books pile up when one of us misses a day or two, plus I really enjoy being there (getting out of bed and getting ready is a whole different story, though, hehe).

Coming back to the excitement preceeding a long weekend (it's Independence Day in the US on Monday), I've been thinking about things we can do that do no require spending money. We're trying to save every penny because we've been invited to go to Vegas in 2 weeks! :D And even though it's an invitation, we still have to spend money on gas and meals. So, my first plan for the weekend is to write check lists to prepare for the trip :p.

And to  choose the clothes I'm taking and making sure they're clean and ironed.

What else can we do without spending money? Play board games! :D Yesterday, David taught me to play Monopoly; it was fun :).

We also have Uno, which I still need to learn how to play, and chess.

There are two tennis courts in the complex we live in and we own a couple of rackets and balls, so I think we should give it a try once and for all!

According to the weather forecast, Sunday and Monday are going to be super hot days, over 100 F! (about 38C). I suppose we'll stay home to enjoy the AC and will listen to music and maybe finish reading books.

What are you guys doing this weekend?

Is there any board game you can recommend?

Someone told me about The Crazy Cat Lady a while ago, have you heard of it?

Have a fun, fun, fun weekend! :D


Unknown said...

wow, vegas will be amazing!
i hope you have lots of fun, certainly looks like you will with all the things you have planned :)
Rosie xo

Laura said...

Yay for Las Vegas! Enjoy!

I, too, enjoy doing things at home that cost me nothing. Lately, I've been doing a lot of piecing quilt blocks. I could do that all day!

Have a great weekend!

Laura :)

Chrissy said...

Wow, you've been invited to Vegas?! Awesome!
I love Monopoly and Uno! So much fun! Can't play chess...unfortunately!!
Have fun! xxx

chantilly said...

that yellow dress... is that a (gulp) deer? with (sigh) little clouds around it?! omg, love love love! that is seriously the cutest dress i've ever seen.

vegas, huh? that's so awesome!! xx

Anonymous said...

I love your dresses! And Uno =) We've been playing a lot of Uno lately! One of my favorite games which I just learned is Farkle. It's the only dice game I know which makes me want to play it in an alley wearing 20's clothing. Are you two doing anything on the 4th? My friends are having a mega-yard sale in the morning so I'm on a hunt for records. Then B's band has a show out-of-state tomorrow night. We're going to my parents' Sunday for a cookout/pool party, and a friend's gathering Monday where I hope to try out the fireworks setting on my new camera! Enjoy your long weekend =)

Oh, My Darling said...

Wow, you've come up with lots of fun ways to spend the weekend! Also, those dresses are uber-cute.

Nadia Jonker said...

The saving will be totally worth it. Your weekend sounds lovely and I love the way you laid all the items out. x

Corina said...

It seems you'll be having lots of fun not only at the long weekend but also in Vegas in a few weeks! Congrats!
You should also save a penny to bet there ;) You never know...
I love board games! Have you heard of "Bleff" or "Taboo Words"? They are really fun :)
We're spending a very cold weekend here in BA. We've just been going shopping and I'm about to start getting a few CDs ready for the Mix Share Swap :D
Say hi to Dave and have a lovely weekend!

james said...

the crazy cat lady? lol you need to tell me about this one babe!! vegas sounds AWESOME and i am loving all of your dresses! too cute! to be honest, i have never been a fan on Monopoly (because i always lost) lol. im glad you enjoyed it! Apples to Apples is a fun game! and so is Taboo!

Emma said...

Ha, I love Monopoly. Have you played Cluedo? I love Cluedo...

Enjoy Vegas! x

Cassidy said...

The library is probably my favorite place to be. Those are lovely dresses!