July 20, 2011

Library vintage finds

Hello, everybody! This has certainly been a good week at the library I'm volunteering. I got to buy lots of vintage books and magazines; wanna see? :)

The Decorative Arts of the Forties and Fifties
That's the first item on the top left. I consider this book a little gem from 1975. Here are a few of my favorite pictures.

Song Hits Magazine
This little magazine from 1955 was going to be tossed, but I was lucky enough to grab it before it reached the trash can :). I just love old magazine ads!

Oh, my! An ad to put on weight!

Better Handwriting for You 1
This caligraphy book from 1967 totally reminded me of my mother. I recall those old days when she would get mad at me when I wrote number 8 by drawing two circles on top of each other, hehe.

This Earth
A 1964 Christmas songbook with scores and adorable pictures :).

And not only did I find vintage books and magazines, but also the following! (Inside the previous book)

Did you know this magazine existed? It's a new magazine (2003) about the days of yore; how cool is that?

I also found these transparent slides (???). Does anybody know what they are for?
Yep, I brought them home even though I have no clue what they're used for, haha.

I scanned a couple with a white background so you can see the designs. I have 15 of them.

Oh, wow! This is a very long post, but you know I can't go without showing you some odd finds, right? ;)

All right! Time to say bye! Happy midweek to all of you! ;D

I'll be closing my Little Vintage Giveaway tonight and announcing the winner soon ;).


Cat said...

Fun! What discoveries :) Love vintage books and mags!

♥ Cat brideblu

Unknown said...

I love this post!!! We have a bookstore at our library too so of course I am always buying books too and they are so cheap 25 cent paperback and 1 dollar hardbacks!

chantilly said...

haha. i love that "don't be skinny" ad. it's the exact opposite of all modern ads.


Jenny said...

I love vintage advertisements, magazines, and books. I have a little collection back at home and they are a constant source of style/design inspiration for me. It looks like you found many lovely ones!

Corina said...

I couldn't help laughing at "The Bathroom Readers' Institute" :D really cool!

Audrey said...

That's such a great discovery! I love it and I bet my friend, Jackie, would too! ^^

Anonymous said...

I love the "Don't be skinny" ad! I've seen so many women's weight-gain ads in old magazines. I love that they weren't obsessed with losing weight.

epe said...

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