July 24, 2011

I love colorful objects!

Here's a selection of some of my favorite colorful finds from 4 different countries. Enjoy! ;)

New Zealand
Do you like colorful furniture? Then I'm sure you'll love Dodo Design ;). This is my favorite piece; eye candy!

Lomo's new 35mm cameras, La Sardina, are very colorful and cute :p.

I love these milk jugs by Hanne Rysgaard! Don't you? ;)

I'm fascinated with these adorable and colorful bed topppings! :D I'm sure no kid would resist going to bed every night with these original sheets and covers, huh? ;)
You can purchase them here.

Have a colorful day, everybody! ;D


SabinePsynopsis said...

Great finds! I especially love the milk jugs - perfect vases, too.

Corina said...

All of them look awesome!
It would be hard to choose my favorite ;)
Have a nice day!

Hello Naka said...

the chocolate bedspread makes me too hungry but the crayons one is so cute! and the drawers also make me really hungry :(

Unknown said...

i love the bedspreads, i want my bed to look like a bar of chocolate!!!
Rosie xo

Kirsty said...

You have great taste! All of them are great - I love the cameras, but those milk jugs are just perfect.

Really pleased to have found your blog, too. :)

Anonymous said...

That's all so cute! I love the first item - I want to put shoes in it!

Ashley said...

I want to sleep in a chocolate bed!!!!