July 11, 2011

Guest post: Chantilly

Hi, guys! Today I have a special surprise ;), a guest post by super talented indie artist and my new friend, Chantilly! I honestly love her voice and I'm happy to have found her here in Blogger. Don't be shy and go visit her blog! Thank you so much, Chantilly! ;)


Hi. I’m Chantilly, a singer-songwriter from Brooklyn, NY. I usually post my outifits, music, and comings and going in NYC. But I am also a cat mom!

I used to hate cats- I have no idea why. But then I ended up with four. When I moved into my first apartment in Brooklyn, I was really lonely. I wanted a pet, but our landlord wouldn’t allow dogs. So we got Max.

boo boo

Max is a cranky old grump, yet has some sort of star-quality presence. *Everyone* who comes over notices him. He is basically cat Lady Gaga. His roar meow sounds like he smoked 100 cigarettes, chased with a bottle of whiskey. He talks a lot, and he looks people in the eye when he does, so it’s always extra creepy.

Then came Mrs. Alice.

mrs. alice

She was a stray that used to come around the yard of Brooklyn apartment #2. She would frequently leave dead birds and bloody rats as “presents” on our doorstep. She was too pretty not to pay attention too... if Max is cat Lady Gaga, then Mrs. Alice is cat Naomi Campbell.

And then when she had babies, that was it... I was down there every single day helping to take care of them. There was no stopping us from adding more to the brood.

Meet Thelonious


And Scout


Sisters. Thelonious is skittish. Everyone mistakes Scout for a boy. And they are both full of love.

♥ ♥;




chantilly said...

Thank you again Miki!! It was a pleasure.


Corina said...

What a lovely cat family!
It's nice to have such a guest on Miki's scrapbook :D
Have you and your cats a nice day :)

Unknown said...

im all for the cats!
my boyfriend has two, a gorgeous grey one that has gigantism and is the size of a small dog, he has a MASSIVE meaow and literally begs for food,
and amy, who is little and black and shy, and both are gorgeous!
great post :)
Rosie xo

babalisme said...

I'd like to meet Cat Lady Gaga!!! I am more of a dog person but I like cats too!

Anonymous said...

Like this guest post.. ;)

Laura said...

Lovely post! I, too, am a cat mama. I have a dog too, but my cats are definitely special. :)

Hello Naka said...

awh cute cats photos and guest posts seem like fun :)