July 13, 2011

DIY: CD paper cases

A week ago, I finally sent the two CDs I'd prepared for the Mix Swap organized by the great Bianca. Since  my recipients have already got their package, I thought I could show you what my CDs looked like in a DIY post :).

I used: two sheets of paper, colorful construction paper, glue, strings, a hole punch and a pen.

I folded the sheets of paper, glued some creases together and made two sets of holes with the punch.

I passed a string through the holes and then tied a bow.

I then shredded colorful construction paper and used the longest pieces to write the names of the songs.

I wrote the names down and glued the pieces on both sides of the cases.

Quite honestly, I wanted to throw the remaining shredded paper up in the air as if it were confetti, hehe :p.

However, I pulled myself together and put some of the shreds in small ZipLock bags together with the CDs, and that was pretty much it. Easy, peasy!

I hope they like the mix I recorded for them! ;)

Happy midweek, everyone! ;)


Oh, My Darling said...

Mixed CD's are such a fun way to share a little personal snippet with others!

Cassidy said...

This is a really great idea! I love it :)

chantilly said...

i've made paper cases for cd's before, but omg none this cool looking.
great tutorial!

Corina said...

Love them!
I sent mine on Monday and sent you some pics ;)
I may prepare a blog about them as soon as I know they've received them!
Good idea :)