July 25, 2011

Contrasts: before and after series

In order to make watermelon balls :p, I used half a watermelon and this is what it looked like before and after. I filled 3 mason jars.
It's the perfect healthy snack for summer, yum!

Otter pops
They are cute and fun! Here are pictures before/after the freezer.
I've only tried 3 colors, the pink one is my favorite so far :p. Which one is yours?

Colorful Rottini
It was hard to decide whether to eat them sorted by color or all mixed up :p.

Isn't colorful food more fun to eat? ;)

I love opening packages!

I also got one CD from the Mix Swap! I really enjoyed listening to the tracks. Can't wait to get the second one! ;)

Hope you've all started the week with a huge smile! :D



Hello Naka said...

awh i love the idea of wsatermelon balls! I love watermelon so much :3 and i love the little pasta cups, a bit too small for me though :(

Thelma Frayne said...

Love this idea (with the mason jars)- I love snacking on watermelon and mango during the summer but am always put off by the thoughts of having to cut it up before I get the treat.

chantilly said...

mmm, i can't get enough of watermelon this summer. those melon balls look so perfect!

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Colorful everything is just more fun. P.S. I heart clinique

Charlie said...

Colourful ood is definetly more fun to eat. Plus watermelon is so tasty and now soo cute you've put it in those mason jars.. :)

Corina said...

I love this colorful post!
It's nice to hear you got one of the CDs and you enjoyed the music. Lucky you!
I'm constantly keeping an eye on my mailbox to see if mine arrive...
Have a colorful day :)