July 05, 2011

Being a bear

A bear shaped bag comes in handy when:

1.- You want to take pictures for your blog and you don't feel like putting on make up and/or your face is a mess.

2.- You want to scare the shit out of your neighbors.

3.- You want to tan your legs but not your face.

4.- You're playing hide-and-seek and don't want to get caught :p.

5.- You feel like going unnoticed ... or is it quite the opposite? :/

Have a bear-y happy day, y'all! :P


Unknown said...

awwe i love this post! especially about tanning your legs and not face!
i might take one on the beach ;)
Rosie xo

Corina said...

It could also be useful when taking forbidden photos in supermarkets! hahaha

chantilly said...

awww, this was really cute! it made me smile :)

Heike said...

Too cute!

The Mad Twins said...

This is such a cute post! Love it

Anonymous said...

You're so cute!