July 31, 2011

Weekend highlights

Hello, everybody! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! ;) Mine involved meeting lots of people, which, fortunately, wasn't as overwhelming as I though it would be.

We drove a bit to go to a birthday party in a bar.

We had people over for a barbecue; ate like pigs and drank quite a lot, too.
I totally forgot to take pictures of my pretty sangria, bah!

Scattegories (aka Tutti Frutti in Argentina).

Sunday consisted of more eating :/, lazying about ...

Aaaand David has just arrived with a present! :D

I have a Razor! Yay! :P Ever since I saw my little neighbors riding their own, I've been covetting one.

I'm off to keep riding my new toy! :D

Hope you start the week off with a big smile!

July 30, 2011

Bunny Picnic

Hi, there! Do you like what you see in the pics below?

Then I think you should visit Bethany's blog, Bunny Picnic, and check out my guest post there ;).

Have a great weekend! :D

July 28, 2011

A weird show

Last Sunday, David and I were invited to see a few shows on Sunset Blvd. We weren't very eager to go because they were late on Sunday and we don't really like blues; however, we had agreed to go to support David's acquaintance who was playing that night.

I'm so gald we ended up going! We had a nice dinner by candlelight and one of the shows was particularly peculiar ...

After seeing Of Montreal live earlier this year, I thought no other band could outdo their one-of-a-kind performance. Nothing else could surprise me any more. But I was wrong. There's this funny big guy who has a band called Elviss Simmons ... He dresses like The King and wears the make up and sings covers of Kiss.

I mean, their show was humble but so enjoyable! The guy can actually sing and they all put up a great show.

At the end of the show, the singer pointed out that "their crap", as he called it, was being sold near the bar. He also mentioned we could buy their adorable puke bags with the logo of the band on them, haha! :p It's always fun to see a band with sense of humor and talent.

All in all, it was a great night and I can't wait to go back to Sunset Blvd again.

Oh! And speaking about weird shows, I can't leave this post without mentioning another one-of-a-kind experience in a concert in Buenos Aires! There's this guy I really, really used to like called Leo Garcia. I was a huge fan when he was a indie artist and I went to pretty much all his early shows. One day, I took my good friend Corina to one of his concerts where the manager of the venue he was playing at all of a sudden went onstage and started getting naked and dancing happily. Apparently he wanted t promote some kind of nude acting classes ... hello?! I'm not sure many people were interested in joining his classes, but I guarantee he put up a real show, haha.

So, what's the weirdest show you've ever been to?

Hope you're all having a great day! ;D

July 27, 2011

Chantilly, cupcakes and music

Pss, fellas! :) Just a heads up to let you know that today I'm guest posting at Chantilly's blog! If you want to see what I've been up to, click this link. Here's a sneak peek ;)!

Don't be shy and show sweet Chantilly some love! ;)

Have fun, y'all! :D

July 25, 2011

Contrasts: before and after series

In order to make watermelon balls :p, I used half a watermelon and this is what it looked like before and after. I filled 3 mason jars.
It's the perfect healthy snack for summer, yum!

Otter pops
They are cute and fun! Here are pictures before/after the freezer.
I've only tried 3 colors, the pink one is my favorite so far :p. Which one is yours?

Colorful Rottini
It was hard to decide whether to eat them sorted by color or all mixed up :p.

Isn't colorful food more fun to eat? ;)

I love opening packages!

I also got one CD from the Mix Swap! I really enjoyed listening to the tracks. Can't wait to get the second one! ;)

Hope you've all started the week with a huge smile! :D


July 24, 2011

I love colorful objects!

Here's a selection of some of my favorite colorful finds from 4 different countries. Enjoy! ;)

New Zealand
Do you like colorful furniture? Then I'm sure you'll love Dodo Design ;). This is my favorite piece; eye candy!

Lomo's new 35mm cameras, La Sardina, are very colorful and cute :p.

I love these milk jugs by Hanne Rysgaard! Don't you? ;)

I'm fascinated with these adorable and colorful bed topppings! :D I'm sure no kid would resist going to bed every night with these original sheets and covers, huh? ;)
You can purchase them here.

Have a colorful day, everybody! ;D