June 24, 2011

Things that have caught my eye

This post is probably more aimed at my buddies in Argentina or anybody outiside the US. I'm sure you locals won't be amused, but I hope you'll still enjoy this little post.

So, these are a few things that I've learnt about the US.

1.- You can't take pictures at Walmart. I learnt this one the hard way.
So, we were at one Super Walmart at midnight on Friday (they're open 24hs) and I started taking pictures of objects I found amusing, such as these peculiar scarecrows and planters:

And all of a sudden a manager approached me and asked me if I had a special permit to take pictures within their venue. Of course, I didn't, so I was asked to delete all the pictures I'd taken :(. David told her, "It's for her blog"; and she replied, "Exactly!".

2.- There are lots of ice cream flavors I'd never heard of before. Cookie dough and strawberry cheesecake are some of my favorites.

These containers are very small, but, erm, I'm supposed to be on a diet. They're 92 cents at Walmart.

3.- This is a popsicle to me; although David insists that's not ice cream, haha. It's called smoothie. I don't like it much, but I totally ate this one after I failed to find something sweet in the house. By the way, I pulled down the cardboard piece too much and the smoothie fell on my hand :/ ... I ate it from my hand (close to the sink) because I didn't want to grab a bowl and have to wash it later ... Yeah, I get desperate when it comes to food :/.

4.- You can find vanilla scented garbage bags. It took me a while to realize the smell came from this roll of bags yesterday, hehe.

5.- In some coffee stores they put a sticker on coffee cups to keep the beverage hot. I love these kisses!

6.- There are lots of people on motorized vehicles (aka scooters). Some of them use them not because they're sick or paralytic, but because they're overweight. David caught this man going through the drive through in a fast food restaurant! :O Haha!

7.- No pictures here; it's just a story of something that happened to me last week.
David introduced me to some of his parents' old friends and we were having a random conversation. Then the lady said something  about a girl and I got a little confused, so, I asked, "Who is Dora?". Her replied was, "Forgive my Bostonian/Argentine accent, I meant  daughter." I was all :O! Haha! Mind you, this was in the middle of a funeral :/ ...
The moral: pay attention to what other people say and keep in mind that pronunciation varies depending on where people are from, hehe.

8.- Another tip for non-native speakers of the language: remember that a native English speaker will probably not use the easiest lexicon to say something simple.
When I was first introduced to one of the ladies that work with me at the library, she asked, "How do you go by?". I was all puzzled and had to ask her to repeat the question until it finally dawned on me that she was asking about my name! God, of course I knew what that question meant! But she totally got me off guard!

I have a zillion other stories and tips, but I'll leave them for a future post. I gotta rush to the library now! ;)

Have an amazing Friday and weekend! ;D



Rosie said...

wall mart SUCKS for making you delete the photos!
its so stupid they dont let you take any.
my favourite ben and jerrys flavour is chunky monkey :D
Rosie xo

Katie Elizabeth said...

Mmmm Ben & Jerry's cookie dough ice cream is sooo good! Oh & you CAN take pictures in Walmart unless there's a sign posted stating "no photos allowed". Stupid manager!

xo katie elizabeth

Oh, My Darling said...

What?! You can't take pictures in Walmart? How weird.

chantilly said...

are you fer serious? ben & jerry's is only NINETY-TWO cents at walmart?? ugh, so jealous. we don't have one here :(

Rose said...

Oh no, how embarrasing they stopped you taking pics! Im always too afraid to take photos in shops for that reason haha.
We have those scented bags in aust too, the strage things people come up with to sell a product hey!
And i love those lip stickers, so awesome.
That really doesnt make sense that overweight people use scooters, shouldnt they walk so they can loose weight? Although I have to say it must be fun to ride around on one of those things. Here only the oldies or people with a disabilty use them.
I wouldnt have understood 'how do you go by' either!


Laura Darling said...

I've gotten in trouble for taking pictures in store too. :( Boo. i love the picture of the guy going through the drive thru on his scooter!

Soledad Cervantes said...

Here in Mexico City, we also have that owls. I found them so ugly that I have to buy one.

Nena Nadine said...

Oh walmart. They use to let us film in there and now you can't even take a picture.