June 16, 2011

Tales from the library

It's been a while since I last told you anything about my adventures at the library I'm volunteering, so I thought I could do it now. First off, let me show you some of my latest happy finds :).

I'm happy to have found this little gem from 1971. Someone had put it up for sale but lucky me! I saw it as I was straightening up books in the non-fiction shelves.

Going through so many donations each day, we usually run into many interesting things ( not only books). It's kind of a scavenger hunt, so even though it's a bit discouraging to see our table like this when we get there:

It's fun to categorize the material and see what we can buy for ourselves. Look at what I found hidden in a book this week! I can't wait to use these lovely stensils :).

I also found all these things, but we'll be selling them at the annual sale in October. Every year, random things found among the donated books are put together and sold. They're mostly puzzles, toys, antique books and special editions. We save them for this event because it's a pity to let them go for just a buck or two.

All the money raised is used to pay for activities to let the library grow. With this month's budget, for instance, we're going to:
* buy reading glasses for old low-income readers that go to the library;
* put up a carnival that will in turn attract more young readers and bring money to the library (with the food we're selling there);
* have book signing events.

So if your local library has a book sale area, don't hesitate to buy your books there. They're always cheaper than in stores (here in Ontario, CA, everything ranges from 10 cents to $2) and the money is used to pay for fun and cultural activities; it's a win-win! :). Oh, and next month we're having something called "A buck a bag", which means you can fill up a bag with books for only a dollar. I'm sure most libraries do this every now and then.

Before I go, this is a message for Laura from Swing Kitten! Laura, I've been trying to get a hold of you by e-mail, but I never got a reply. I have this book about quilting for you if you want it. Blogger has been acting funny and I can't post comments in some blogs (like yours). Please, let me know if you want it and give your me address.

Hope you are all having a nice week! ;)


Marie said...

I read very fast: A buck for a bang and thought, wow that's kind of inappropiate hahaaha

Love the library system

Oh, My Darling said...

Aw, what whimsical finds! I went to the library earlier today, so your post seems very appropriately timed.

W. Versus Victoria said...

oh very nice article and topic!

Anonymous said...

GASP! I love that Singer book! I bet you find all kinds of crazy things =)

Cassidy said...

That's so cool! God, I love books. They're probably one of my favorite things in the world.

babalisme said...

You're lucky to have such a library to volunteer! we never have had any public nor commercial library, it's just book store, Either you buy it at full price or leave it. I"m a book worm too! I think I might get lost inside a library!