June 29, 2011

A little vintage GIVEAWAY!

Well, it's been an incredibly long time since I last held a giveaway (I've only had one so far). And my blog is way over a year now, so I think it's time for a new giveaway. Times are hard, so I can not offer anything ostentatious but, hopefully, you'll be interested enough to enter :).

So, which are the goodies I'm offering in this giveaway?

1* A vintage brooch I bought in Japan a long time ago. It was quite pricy, but I'm willing to give it to one of you, my dear readers :).

2* Two magnets with the picture of Audrey Hepburn.

3* "Introduction to Fashion Dressmaking by Singer" - Dressmaking book from 1971.

4* A small cookbook from 1948 that I believe came with the Sunbeam Mixmaster.

+ And I'm sure I'll be throwing something else in there.

How can you enter?
1.- You have to follow this blog through Google Friend Connect; and
2.- Tell me what your favorite word in English is. Please, be a little imaginative! Don't just say "love", k? ;)

Extra entries:
* Blog about this giveaway.

* Publish a link to this giveaway on Facebook

- I'll randomly draw a winner on July 20th (that's Friends Day in Argentina :p).

- This giveaway is open worldwide ;).


Anonymous said...

Dream giveaway =) Crossing fingers!

Merita Bread said...

Oh, I did forget! (blaming it on trying to multi-task and finish my homework when all I really want to do is play with my new camera!) OK, consider this comment my second entry for I promise to blog about this giveaway - after homework =( And my favorite English word is: lugubrious because it's fun to say, even if it doesn't represent me at all.

Rosie said...

i would love to enter!
my favourite english word is scrumptious, because it just sounds so good! :D
great giveaway!
Rosie xo

Alice said...

Such a lovely Giveaway! Already following you via Google Friend Connect. I think my favourite word in English is Fudge. It's rolling off the tongue just as those smooth, porously things with the butter-caramel glaze which bear that name. My favourites are the chocolate-coffee-Fudges. Hmm.. heavenly!

xx, Alice :)

polka dot said...

MIKI!!!! How are you? I've been thinking of you and wondering how life is in CA- lucky you - but I couldn't find your email (I think it's not under M - maybe there's a symbol?) anyway, how random, I went on my friend Sabine's blog and you had left a comment. Luckily.

Following you now - and will link this on facebook, too - but also I'll make sure you're on my blog roll - under US, now that you're there.

Email me when you get a chance -would love to catch up. That is so sweet that you're doing a give-away btw: and I especially love that pin, but more importantly -just your generous spirit.

big hug xox

Gale said...

Hi Miki! How are you? I just saw the post with you wearing the feather extension. It looks really great on you and I'm happy you like it:D I'm sorry I haven't been around! It's been a little hectic around here. I need to catch up on your posts...a couple have already caught my eye, like the one below;)

And while I'm here, I'd love to join this giveaway! My favorite word lately is VIVACIOUS because I just love the meaning of it. You know what's funny? This is the second time today I had to state my favorite word.

Have a great long weekend!

Soledad Cervantes said...

Hello girl! I love your blog (and of course your cats MIAU!).
I have a question, can I participate on your GIVEAWAY (I'm from Mexico city). And if I could, where do I post my favorite English word?
Thanks and greetings from Mexico City.
PS It would be an honour if you visit my blog (it's all about cats, music, movies and more cats)

ce said...

creo que ya te sigo, no?
puedo participar!???? yo quieroooooooooooooooooooo

overwhelmed! porque nunca encuentro la palabra exacta en castellano.
abrumado just doesn't feel quite the same.


Ashley said...

My favorite English word would have to be bizare! My list favorite word specific. I always tend to say pacific :(

Thanks for the sweet comment younkers on my blog today! I totally agree with you!


Bimba Ropa Vintage said...

actually my favorite english word is vagina, i love to pronounce it, so different than the spanish version although its write the same way,
best from Buenos Aires,
i love the blog, i love vintage!
if you come to Buenos Aires, come to visit BIMBA vintage, women vintage apparel

Soledad Cervantes said...

My favorite english word is SPEECHLESS. Because you resume in one single expression what in spanish needs two: sin palabras. 

chantilly said...

my favorite english word is "love."

j/k. i'm a fan of guitar :)