June 09, 2011

Keeping an eye on people

One of the things I love about living here is that it's a very quiet neighborhood with very few pedestrians in the streets. Well, the latter can be a bad thing, too, especially when going for a jog at nighfall; but it's great when I want to go unnoticed ;).

Do you see anything strange in this little guy's face? Yes, he's got a wiggly eye :p.

This is one of the handicap parking spaces in our complex. I guess Dante was curious to see what I was doing because he followed me and sat on this man's face!

This is the stop where I take the bus to go the library in the morning. Lucky me! There were no other passengers there yesterday. I'd have loved to stick a couple of eyes on the bus, but I was scared to be caught. There are severe fines against vandalism; I didn't want to risk it, hehe.

Once at the library, I left another pair of eyes in one of the restrooms.

I love these horses on the fence! Now they look a little more ... mmm ... lively, hehe.

And these ones look kind of scary, brrr! :/

I'll post the "before" picture for you guys outside the US. These are soda glasses from Jack in the Box, a fast food chain. By the way, I hate their character! God, he's creeeepy!

I was trying to make them look a little less spooky, but I didn't do a good job ...

Happy Thursday, people! We're one day closer to the weekend! ;D
Stay happy!


Ashley said...

I love your cute little vandalisms! I'm sure they make everyone's day!

Nena Nadine said...

Hurray for wiggly eyes. They are so much fun!

And thanks for the shout out the other day.

Rosie said...

i really wanna start doing this!
the horse is brilliant :D
Rosie xo

Chrissy said...

Ha ha, love it, you are so cute and you have the best ideas!!! xxx

T. said...

HAHA! Miki, I love the wiggly eyes so much! Way to make the world a better place =)

jamie said...

omg miki! hahaha this is SO bad ass! you rock :) what a super cute idea :)

April said...

I love the eyes,start a wiggly eye revolution!

Mary Has Sound said...

So good, Miki!! Love it. What are you using as adhesive?