June 20, 2011

If only there were 3 mes ...

 ... to run more errands a day;

to order shabu-shabu for three without looking like a pig;

to split the calories of the treats I eat 3 ways;

to clean up the mess ....

And make coin rolls three times faster.

to hang our new string lights evenly;

and to punch the real me when I whine for no reason :p.

Hope you've all started the week off with a big smile! :D


Devi Pope said...

You don't whine nearly as much as you should.

absolutelyfaaabulous said...

Ahahaha!! And how did you create the first two pics?? So cool this effect!

chantilly said...

omg that ben & jerry's ice cream is sooooo good. :drools on myself:

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

i wish i had three me's too! i've got so much to do and i'm just not doing any of it!