June 07, 2011

Flavored waters

Summer's only round the corner, so I looked into recipes to make refreshing flavored waters to subtitute for soda (which I love, love, love, but are not good for our health).

Cucumber and ginger flavored water

Its taste is mild and very refreshing. If you don't like drinking water, try adding fruit, vegetables or even spices.

* half a cucumber
* a small knuckle of ginger
* ice
* five glasses of water

Just cut the cucumber and the ginger into thin slices. You can peel the ginger with a knife or a spoon (the spoon is easier to use and doesn't waste any ginger); some people peel the cucumbers, but I like them with their skin. Place the ingredients in a pitcher together with water and ice and let the preparation sit for a few hours. For some extra flavor, you can add some mint or basil leaves ;).

Orange and white tea

* an orange
* white tea (or green tea)
* water
* ice

Make about five cups of white tea (or green tea, just remember green tea has a sharper flavor, so you might want to make three or four cups and add a glass of water later). Slice an orange, add it to the pitcher and gently mash the slices so they release the juice. Let the preparation cool down and serve with ice.

If you don't like white or green tea, you can just use water. For one glass, you'll need the juice of two oranges, ice, water and a wedge of green apple to add a little more flavor.

Hope you try these very easy to make and healthy drinks ;).

Have a good day!


amber d* said...

Definitely going to have to try these sometime :)

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

I want to try that for sure! The first one looks very tasty and so simple! ^^

Chrissy said...

THANK YOU for the cucumber ginger water recipe!!! Awesome! Love the pics!!! Hugs xxx

Chrissy said...

THANK YOU for the cucumber ginger water recipe!!! Awesome! Love the pics!!! Hugs xxx

babalisme said...

mmm I never knew cucumber and ginger could work well! Thank you for the recipes! At last, a twist to good old lemonade drink...

Lance Flex said...

Hey, babe. I've been checking you out. Are you by any chance single? I would treat you better than any man ever could. When I take my shirt off, women squeel and faint. Trust me.

Nena Nadine said...

Art of Tea. That's what we sell in our shop! Yummies.

Rosie said...

yum! loving the ginger and cucumber one, i looove ginger <3
Rosie! xoxo

T. said...

Ooooh ginger and cucumber? That sounds wonderful!