June 10, 2011

Contrasts: what's in that package?

Sent by my cool friend Chantele :).

Doesn't getting things in the mail rock? :p


Michelle Clement said...

Eeek! What an awesome amp! :) There's nothing better than happy mail!

Thera Joyce said...

I love getting stuff in the mail! It totally makes my day. :)

laura said...

I HEART getting packages. Oh man, I love getting them :) And what super stuffz you've got! That amp is killer!
♥ laura
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daisymay aka Chantele said...

My gosh you got lots of parcels, awesome fender amp!! My Jon will be jealous. Glad you liked my little present, I look forward to seeing some pom pom bugs!

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Rose said...

Ohh you lucky girl!
I lovvve parcels :)
Looks like you got some great things.


june at noon said...

Oh, yes, definitely. I find I want to spend money just for the chance to receive a package, even if it's not something I need. :)

Nena Nadine said...

Nice packages! ;P

Fin Ryder said...

Getting stuff in the mail is just about the best (non human/animal) thing to come home to. I'm currently waiting for a special edition magazine from the UK featuring all the Harry Potter cast members :) can't waaaait.