May 08, 2011

A silly video story

This is just a silly video I made the other day. As you can see, I have no acting skills at all; that's pretty much me in my pajamas without make up, haha. I just wanted to try a stop motion video now that I have a tripod.

The song is "Such Great Heights" by The Postal Service.

Happy mother's day to all the mothers out there!
Hope you're enjoying the day!


Rosie said...

you are so cute ^_^
and so is your house!
love the video :D
Rosie xo

Scorpio78 said...

It's not silly at all. Creativity is expressed on every frame.

This video reminds me when I did stop motion myself, in my early days. A good old memory.

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

what a cute video! such a good idea. maybe one day i'll have to try this out.

Roz said...

This is great fun and a great way to spend time - being creative with a camera!

Coquis said...

I guess this is just the first video you've made... Why stop now? :)
Have fun

Mínima said...

Me encantó!

jamie said...

such a cute video!!! miss ya <3

T. said...

Haha! Miki I love it! You're so pretty. I bet you just roll out of bed looking naturally great like that. I look like a zombie when I wake up.