May 23, 2011

Revamping your stuff

It's amazing how very small changes can renew an object's or an environment's appearance. Let me show you some of the coolest tutorials and ideas I've found in some blogs I'm following.

Look at all you can do by simply using tape! Weather it be washi, masking or even duct tape. I love this first tutorial by How about orange.

I spotted this tablecloth at Green wedding shoes.

You can use washi tape on bottles and even make tiny garlands :D.
I can't trace this picture to its original blogger, sorry :/ ...

Chalkboard paint
For 5 bucks you can get a bucket of chalkboard paint and use it on jars, planters, walls ... Here's a very helpful tutorial to learn how to use this paint.

Old cans
Ever since I got in California, we've been keeping any cute little can or bottle. You never know when those might come in handy! ;) Look at all these lovely ideas I found at  Love and lavender.

A simple, yet effective touch ;).

Hope you've all started the week with the best energy! ;D


laura said...

I am getting so many ideas from this wonderful, little post of yours! Who knew that duck tape could be so glam?
the blog of worldly delights

Angel Garcia said...

Love the first set of pictures.. So bright and playful..

All the best, Angel

Rosie said...

i love tying a scarf to my bag, you're right it does add such a cute touch!
Rosie xo

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Love all the fun uses of tape, but its hard to get so many pretty tapes here in the UK. I actually add scarves to quite a few things

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chantilly said...

some of these ideas are super cute! i love the orange tape.