May 19, 2011

Pss! I might have snapped you

I love taking pictures of people without them noticing it. I know! That's not right, but I can't help it. Here's a selection of my favorite ones.

I took these two at the airport in Buenos Aires. I had just said my last goodbies and crossed that critical point in any airport where you're separated from your loved ones. I was about to leave my home country to come to California to get married and settle down. I can't say I was sad to have left my people, funny thing. I guess I was more focused on the great things that were about to come. Anyway, every time I see these pictures I wonder why all these travelers were there and where and how they might be now. Love Actually comes to my mind, inevitably :), together with that moving tune by The Beach Boys.

This one is from this past weekend. I just wanted a pic with the Hollywood sign and at the moment wished those tough guys hadn't been there. Now that I see it in my computer, I think it's ok the way it is. They look as if they were having a great time! :)

That same day, while we were waiting to get into the club, we stayed in the truck parked in the garage and I took these ones. I love her dress.

I saw this couple passing by walking their dog and then coming back a few minutes later.

This happened during the luncheon at the San Bernardino County Library. I'm curious to know what book she was looking for ...

And sometimes I even catch my husband in fraganti, hehe! I took these with my phone during our visit to the eye doctor.

And this one was taken right before we got married :p. He was talking to his friend to see where he had parked.

Erm, yes, this is a restaurant kitchen! Since it was my first visit to Buca di Beppo, a waiter took us on a tour round the kitchen :). There's a booth right in the middle of the kitchen you can book; has anybody ever eaten there?

Hope you are all having a great week!
Cheer up! We're getting closer to the weekend! ;D


Chrissy said...

Love your photos! Hope you had a great day! xxx

Laura said...

I love that scene from Love Actually...and the Beach Boys song. Nice photos :)

james said...

awesome photos!! i love that dress too!

Unknown said...

ahhh cute!
i love the couple who went one way, then the other and you got pictures of both! :D
Rosie xo <3

Unknown said...

I think the 'punks' give that image alot of character. Sometimes when I look at my camera screen I think the image looks really bad. Then when I load it onto the computer it turns out to be the best one of the lot.