May 25, 2011

The messiest post you've ever read

Hello, everybody! Hope you've all made it to the midweek with a smile on your face! This week has been quite unusual over here. I didn't go to the library because there are workers fixing and re-painting the facade and side walls in the complex we live in. David and I decided that it was better for me to stay and check they didn't break anything or mess with our cats. So far, so good ... except for the fact that I'm being held hostage in my own house! Well, that's too much to say, I know. It's just that the workers are all over the place and I feel uncomfortable. I closed all the blinds except for the one in the kitchen, and all of a sudden I see a couple of them walking on our neighbor's roof, 3 feet from the window. So now, all the windows in the house are closed, hehe.

I'm not bored or anything, I really enjoy being in the house alone. I just need some light and silence! So, what have I been doing since Monday? I've been reading your blogs, writing letters, playing with Poladroid (like a lot) ... I've been taking silly pictures just to see what they'd look like as Polaroids, see?

These are not TOMS, by the way. They're the real deal. If you've read about how Blake Mycoskie came up with the idea for TOMS, then you know she traveled to Argentina and took our alpargatas as a model. TOM's logo is in fact the Argentine flag :).

Anyway, so I've also been reading magazines ... Well, not reading, actually, just cutting off pictures to make stationery and stuff.

I've changed my desktop background about a dozen times ...

I've been keeping an eye on the cats.

This reminds me of this awesome Japanese festival to be held in LA in a couple of weeks! :D You can learn more about it here. I'll make sure we don't miss it! I mean, come on! Japanese food, crafts, cats and ice cream??? It's uber perfection!

And before I go, I wanted to show you some library finds. I was going to make it a different post, but what the hell! I'm here now. See? I warned you it was a messy post :/ ...

I'm in love with this Stephen King's book cover! It's so colorful and pretty! I'd never seen it before. Too bad I'm not into his stories ... Although, for a buck, I could probably buy it to keep its pretty cover.

Here are a few more book covers that caught my eye.

Who on Earth writes a book about being stuck on traffic?!

And, as usual, I found a few letters hidden in books ...

Never leave letters in books you're donating, people! Unless you don't mind strangers finding them.

And all these are things that made it home with me.

I don't think I'm reading this one, but I find the pictures helpful. It's not only about table manners; it also teaches you how to make tie knots, what hats to wear depending on the occasion, etc. It's older than me, by the way.

If you like fashion magazines, you should check the book sale section in your local library. I found all 4 latest issues of Vogue, including May (at 10 c each).

I love finding stuff like this! It's a box with postcards of Hawaii :).

And a map of the US for free because nobody wanted it :).

I apologize for this super messy, super long post. And be happy! There's a long weekend coming! ;)



Scorpio78 said...

I think I saw this post in its former stage, when you were just posting about the books.

I'd really love to own that book of "The Cat who Cried for Help"

By the way, I think that book about "The National Citizenship test", is a great finding amongst all these books. It might come in handy sometimes, you know.

Japan L.A. Great Festival, I guess.
Cats & Ice Cream plus Japan stuffs. Who's the geniuos who mixed that?

Rose said...

I loved this post, not messy at all. I also hate when workers are around the house, our neighbours always have workers on the roof and backyard waking me up :(
The Japanise festival sounds great! What will your hubby think of going to such a festival? I dont think I could drag Mikey to something like that.
I love seeing what you find at te library. I would be interested to read the Book of etiquette and those letters you found are great.


SabinePsynopsis said...

I love Poladroid! Stuck in Traffic is the best joke - probably a very good time to write a book...

Rosie said...

wowww the wolf book cover!
this post is awesome, chock fulll! :D
Rosie xo

two birds said...

i love your looks like you kept yourself busy! also, i hope you opened and read the letters...i totally would have!