May 20, 2011

Making meals even more fun

Color, flowers, magazines and paper make everything more enjoyable, don't you think? ;D



Hope you all have cool plans for the weekend!
Have fun! :D


Unknown said...

ahh vogue <3
love the flowers!
Rosie xo

Scorpio78 said...

It's great to find other ways to enjoy your everyday meals; You can eat at your own pace, without distracting too much, not like you do while watching tv. Although some of your chosen magazines could be very distracting.

Unknown said...

Love that dior ad. But I've been wondering sense it came out if they are no longer going to use Charlize Theron. Love her ads as well.

babalisme said...

I have that Gaga Vogue issue as well. I was attracted at the cover's greenish blue color. and of course Gaga... LOL. She looks otherworldly on the cover. but she always is. can't think of a better way to spend time.

The Cat Hag said...

Hmmm I am craving for a hot dog with cheese now too! :)

The Cat Hag