May 01, 2011

Cool for spring

Spring has been with us (in the northern hemisphere) for a while now, though not full blast here in California :/. Warm sunny days, flowers, lighter clothes, outdoor activities ... so much fun! Here's a selection of some cool stuff and things to do that are perfectly suitable for this season. Enjoy! ;)

Floral fragrances :). Chloe and Miss Dios Cherie are the first ones that come to my mind.

Movies at the drive in (I have to put this one in my "to do list"! Still haven't been to one ever).

Flower haloes.

Fruity drinks.

Pic nics.

Spending time outdoors.

Going to fairs and amusement parks.

Using wild flowers for decor.

Wearing hats.

Falling in love. But the again, all seasons are good for this!

Any other ideas? ;)

Hope you're all ready to start a new week! Hugs!


laura said...

i love your list and the photos you've included to illustrate them! I especially like the flower halos! I totally want to wear one!

Izzah Beverly said...

movies marathon? :)

Rosie said...

love this post!! ^_^
i do most of these things over the summer :D
Rosie xo

Vicki said...

amazing photos!! love this time of year when all these things are possible :) x

Hello Naka said...

this make me really want to go on a picnic with ryan ^^ the photos r so cute :3