May 27, 2011

Contrasts: our spices through time

Over two months ago, David and I planted some seeds to have our own home grown spices. We honestly didn't follow the instructions on the envelopes, just got some dirt, planters and crossed our fingers they'd grow. Right wen I had these envelopes in my hand, I thought, "I'm going to keep a track of the development of our plants and then blog about it."

Now that I have pictures of something more than just planters and dirt, I've realized ... Who the hell is going to give a damn about our spices?! I'm sure you don't, and you're right. But then again, here I am, making a post about our boring spices, hehe. You have to understand that I am very, very bad at taking care of plants. They have all died, always; so I'm kind of proud these seeds sprouted :).

Our planters the first day

About a month later
Only the cilantro and pepper started to grow very slowly.

Last week
David bought some liquid "Miracle Gro" and the next day, our other spices started growing, too! ;).

This is parsley.

And this is my favorite spice: leek! I'm afraid we'll have to move them to a deeper planter soon.

Look at how pretty my cilantro is! :). The rounded planter is pepper, David's favorite.

I was scared our plants would die when the workers came to fix and paint the house, because we had to keep them in the garage in complete darkness. Well, I don't know what on Earth happened, but most of them grew even more under such circumstances! :O

I've always dreamt of having my own stash of fresh spices. Let's see if they keep growing to make it to our meals ;).

And since this was a very boring post, I thought I might leave with something pretty to look at. Bettie Page clothing's newsletter today coincidentally features a gardening dress (it's beautiful, but not suitable for gardening if you ask me).

If you don't know this brand and like clothes from the 50's, what the heck are you waiting for? Hop over to their site and indulge your eyes with breathtaking garments. I visited their store in Hollywood a while ago (you can see the post here) and was happy to see they had sales assistants of all sizes. Their clothes come in quite big sizes, too.

Anyway, now I sound as if I were advertising their clothes, or even worse ... myself! I'd better leave!

Have a great weekend, guys! ;D


the runaway romantique said...

What a cute post! Not boring at all :) I would love to have my own little spice garden going. Good luck with yours! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

- the runaway

Anonymous said...

1. congrats on growing something. i'm so terrible with plants as well! (and also likely would have just thrown them in with some dirt!)

2. WOW. never knew about the betty page clothing site - i'm IN LOVE. thanks for showing me my next online purchase!

Anonymous said...

!!! B's little brother is growing peppers and tomatoes on our porch. I'm terrible at growing things (I just killed an entire rose bush while trying to save it) but I like watching his plants!

Gale said...

I'm soo the same way with growing things! Last summer I tried to grow tickle-me-plants in 100 little pots as favors for guests. It started off great but then half of them started to die. But I really loved seeing your progress. I wish you much success with them. So far it looks great:)

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Lisa {A Piece of Lisa} said...

That's so swell! Well done, I'm so bad with plants it's not even funny ha ha!

Lisa xx

Hello Naka said...

i want to grow some plants :3 and i love the dresses ^^ i lvoe the style of betty page too :3