May 10, 2011

Contrasts: far and close

Do you see anything that's not quite right in this pic?

Look again.

This is what usually happens when we're trying to make the bed :P.

Our neighbor's roof ...

which Dimitri seems to love.
And apperently, so does Dante now!

The view from our balcony a few days ago.

A closer shot.

These brats certainly rule the complex! ... And the house, obviously :/, hehe.

I don't remember if I told you that Dimitri and Dante did not get on well when we first arrived (I came with Dimitri from Argentina, in case you didn't know). Well, we can't say they're best friends yet. However, their relationship has improved dramatically. You can often now see them like this :). It makes me so happy to see Dimitri so well adjusted to the new place and hanging out with fellow kitties :D!

... Oh, yes, making the bed at home is a difficult chore indeed! :/

Hope you're having a fun week! :D



T. said...

Ha! I'm so terrible at spotting things! You could put Dimitri in a Waldo sweater and I still wouldn't have seen him. I'm so glad they're starting to get along!

Lindsey said...

Haha, that's awesome. It would be so much fun to be a ca and go where you want!

TheLovelyHunter said...

i didn't notice at first. your photos are hilarious! what a cute couple of kitties:)

choux pastry hearts said...

Aww your kitties are so cute!
My 2 don't get on either, but sometimes they will lay on the bed together and it's so sweet.

My little one also likes to help make the bed ;)


daisymay aka Chantele said...

Aww at least they seem to have made friends with each other!

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Cat said...

Love your kitties...a bit mischievous, yes...but sweet souls {and, apparently quite active!}

xx Cat brideblu

Lisa said...

Aaw that's so precious! I really miss my cat...

Rosie said...

aahhhhh oh so cute ^_^
i love your blog so much, every time i come here it makes me sooo happy :D
lots of love, rosie xo

Chrissy said...

That is so sweet! And our kitty does the same thing when I try to make the bed!! She just loves it!!
Hugs xxx