May 30, 2011

Long weekend reloaded

Hello, guys! Hope you all had a nice weekend! It was a long one here in the US, so we got to do more things than usual.

We went to Vail Lake with David and his family. They stayed the whole weekend with their motor homes and we went to spend Suday afternoon. The landscape was beautiful and I had a ride on a Rhino in the mountains for the first time! I took these two pics from it.

It was my first time riding the mountain bike David bought for me, too :D. I was a bit scared because I hadn't ridden a bike for 15 years, but it was fun.

The day before, we had David's friends over at the house; the boys played Mortal Kombat, hehe, and we ate and drank a lot. I finally made sangria and served it in mason jars :).

Earlier on Saturday (why am I making a backward post?!), I got an amazing surprise in the mail! :p

David spoils so much! I feel bad because I don't think I deserve it. He's a loving and amazing husband, a fun talker and the most considerate person I know. And, of course, I am the luckiest girl in the world to have him! :D

As for today, we planted some tomato seeds and watched The Office (to be fair, David cooked and cleaned the kitchen; I, on the contrary, did nothing :/). Oh, by the way, very random comment: has anybody seen the film Hobo with a Shotgun? We rented it on Amazon when David's friends came over. I mean, WTF?! I'll say no more, you can watch the trailer if you haven't seen it.

Anyway, hope you're all having a great week! ;D


May 27, 2011

Contrasts: our spices through time

Over two months ago, David and I planted some seeds to have our own home grown spices. We honestly didn't follow the instructions on the envelopes, just got some dirt, planters and crossed our fingers they'd grow. Right wen I had these envelopes in my hand, I thought, "I'm going to keep a track of the development of our plants and then blog about it."

Now that I have pictures of something more than just planters and dirt, I've realized ... Who the hell is going to give a damn about our spices?! I'm sure you don't, and you're right. But then again, here I am, making a post about our boring spices, hehe. You have to understand that I am very, very bad at taking care of plants. They have all died, always; so I'm kind of proud these seeds sprouted :).

Our planters the first day

About a month later
Only the cilantro and pepper started to grow very slowly.

Last week
David bought some liquid "Miracle Gro" and the next day, our other spices started growing, too! ;).

This is parsley.

And this is my favorite spice: leek! I'm afraid we'll have to move them to a deeper planter soon.

Look at how pretty my cilantro is! :). The rounded planter is pepper, David's favorite.

I was scared our plants would die when the workers came to fix and paint the house, because we had to keep them in the garage in complete darkness. Well, I don't know what on Earth happened, but most of them grew even more under such circumstances! :O

I've always dreamt of having my own stash of fresh spices. Let's see if they keep growing to make it to our meals ;).

And since this was a very boring post, I thought I might leave with something pretty to look at. Bettie Page clothing's newsletter today coincidentally features a gardening dress (it's beautiful, but not suitable for gardening if you ask me).

If you don't know this brand and like clothes from the 50's, what the heck are you waiting for? Hop over to their site and indulge your eyes with breathtaking garments. I visited their store in Hollywood a while ago (you can see the post here) and was happy to see they had sales assistants of all sizes. Their clothes come in quite big sizes, too.

Anyway, now I sound as if I were advertising their clothes, or even worse ... myself! I'd better leave!

Have a great weekend, guys! ;D

May 26, 2011

Some days are better than others

And today has been great! :D The workers finally finished fixing and painting our house, so there's plenty of light in every room again. I missed light so much!

Our plants were starting to get weak due to the lack of sunlight and fresh air. I hope they can recover now that they're back outside! Dante and Dimitri are happy to see the workers are gone, too. Yesterday they covered the doors and windows with masking paper and plastic, so our kitties couldn't come back inside for a few hours :(.

By the way, we have this metal front door (here it's covered in plastic) and a wooden one. Our cats have a "key" (basically, a magnet) in their necklace that opens their door. Wanna see how it works? Dante will show you, hehe :).

This is where Dimitri waited for the workers to be done with the door; that's our neighbor's roof. I peeked through the kitchen window and there I saw him. 

I'm also happy to have gone back to the library; I missed it! There was plenty of work to do. I bought these magazines and book today.

Aaand when I got back home, I was super happy to find I had mail! :D Getting stuff through the regualr mail always makes my day, whether it's just a note or a package.

I'm super excited about that lovely postcard! ;D And look at all I got in those packages! Sweet Jamie sent me a card and two lovely rings she has made herself!

Erm, I'm not a very good hand model, as you can see.

The contents of this box are the goodies I won at a giveway over at Courtney's blog, You will, won't you?. She is so awesome she included lots of things that were not mentioned in the giveaway! How sweet is that? :D I can't wait to try everything!

And to wrap up a wonderful  afternoon, since I didn't feel like cooking at all, I made made myself some instant ramen. But I "decorated" my meal with some cool polka dots stuff, courtesy of my mother in law. I really can't complain about anything, I have an awesome husband, my in laws are wonderful and my friends and fellow bloggers rock! ;D The only thing that's missing are my buddies from Argentina :/ ...

I guess I let the noodles sit for too long; they look huge, haha!

Oh, yes, I totally leave those disgusting, hard vegetables. Does anybody eat them at all?

I hope your day was wonderful, too!
Start making plans for the weekend! It's just round the corner! ;D

May 25, 2011

Blogger, what the hell?!

I've just now found out that a post I had deleted was instead published! Sorry about that if you saw it. It was unfinished and I included some of the pictures in my real latest post.

Aside from this, since early yesterday, I haven't been able to post comments on some of your blogs. I can only do it if I use one of the last options in the comment box "Name/URL" (which I can't see in some of your blogs), but not using my Google account as usual.

All that having been said, I wish you all a nice night! ;) And I'll see you tomorrow. I hope I can post comments normally by then.

The messiest post you've ever read

Hello, everybody! Hope you've all made it to the midweek with a smile on your face! This week has been quite unusual over here. I didn't go to the library because there are workers fixing and re-painting the facade and side walls in the complex we live in. David and I decided that it was better for me to stay and check they didn't break anything or mess with our cats. So far, so good ... except for the fact that I'm being held hostage in my own house! Well, that's too much to say, I know. It's just that the workers are all over the place and I feel uncomfortable. I closed all the blinds except for the one in the kitchen, and all of a sudden I see a couple of them walking on our neighbor's roof, 3 feet from the window. So now, all the windows in the house are closed, hehe.

I'm not bored or anything, I really enjoy being in the house alone. I just need some light and silence! So, what have I been doing since Monday? I've been reading your blogs, writing letters, playing with Poladroid (like a lot) ... I've been taking silly pictures just to see what they'd look like as Polaroids, see?

These are not TOMS, by the way. They're the real deal. If you've read about how Blake Mycoskie came up with the idea for TOMS, then you know she traveled to Argentina and took our alpargatas as a model. TOM's logo is in fact the Argentine flag :).

Anyway, so I've also been reading magazines ... Well, not reading, actually, just cutting off pictures to make stationery and stuff.

I've changed my desktop background about a dozen times ...

I've been keeping an eye on the cats.

This reminds me of this awesome Japanese festival to be held in LA in a couple of weeks! :D You can learn more about it here. I'll make sure we don't miss it! I mean, come on! Japanese food, crafts, cats and ice cream??? It's uber perfection!

And before I go, I wanted to show you some library finds. I was going to make it a different post, but what the hell! I'm here now. See? I warned you it was a messy post :/ ...

I'm in love with this Stephen King's book cover! It's so colorful and pretty! I'd never seen it before. Too bad I'm not into his stories ... Although, for a buck, I could probably buy it to keep its pretty cover.

Here are a few more book covers that caught my eye.

Who on Earth writes a book about being stuck on traffic?!

And, as usual, I found a few letters hidden in books ...

Never leave letters in books you're donating, people! Unless you don't mind strangers finding them.

And all these are things that made it home with me.

I don't think I'm reading this one, but I find the pictures helpful. It's not only about table manners; it also teaches you how to make tie knots, what hats to wear depending on the occasion, etc. It's older than me, by the way.

If you like fashion magazines, you should check the book sale section in your local library. I found all 4 latest issues of Vogue, including May (at 10 c each).

I love finding stuff like this! It's a box with postcards of Hawaii :).

And a map of the US for free because nobody wanted it :).

I apologize for this super messy, super long post. And be happy! There's a long weekend coming! ;)