April 24, 2011

Weekend photo dump

This weekend was GOOD; yes, in capital letters :). First and foremost, David got Friday off, so it was a long weekend to us :D (All weeks should have a three day weekend, if you ask me).

On Friday, I got my new glasses! I love them. I mean, it's awesome to wear contacts, but the truth is that glasses are more comfortable (to me) when using the computer or watching TV. Since we bought everything in the same store, we got these frames for free, yay! :P

We also went to the post office to drop a bunch of envelopes. I couldn't help taking a picture of the P.O. Boxes there.

We finally found an adorable record player; I'm very excited! I can't wait for the records we ordered to arrive! :P

We had some yummy dinner in a restaurant. (Yes, that's not all we ate; it's just water, hehe). Oh, and we watched a movie at home. If I say "Bed, Bath & Beyod" and "VO5 Hot Oil", can you guess what movie we watched? :)

On Saturday, the weather was lovely and we went to Claremont. We didn't bring any records home, unfortunately, but we did load our stomachs with Chinese food.

Sunday consisted of lots of cleaning and doing nothing. We didn't have chocoloate eggs, just muffins and coffee.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! :D


Scorpio78 said...

That's a lot you did. Sunday I just woke up, like, 6 am, have breakfast, navigate online some, and finally ate at night with a bottle of wine... And I think I didn't skip anything...

the nyanzi report said...

i love that shot of the post office boxes.

Hello Naka said...

nice photos i agree there should be 3 days weekends all the time! i neveer seem to have time for anything it really sucks :9 and cute record player and also it takesme ages to choose glasses! i think urs look great :3

Lindsey said...

It's sounds like you had a nice, relaxing weekend! The glasses are really cute & I agree, MUCH better when you're on the computer!

Clementine said...

I love that section of the post office, has such a great feel to it! i always wanna get a P.O. box just so i can feel important and go pick up my mail there haha.