April 01, 2011

A peek into my Gemma Correll notebook

My best friend Val knows me oh-so well that she gave me the perfect present this last Christmas. We both love stationery, so I guess she figured I'd naturally like this notebook. Little did she know that I was actually going to love it! It's by Gemma Correll! :D She didn't know her until then and she probably never checked her blog after I told her to.

Anyways, I recently started jotting things down in it; and since this is supposed to be a travel journal (well, kind of), I decided to write all the places that I'd like to visit here in California. David and I are soon going to all these spots, starting this weekend! :D

Oh, as you can see, I added some pictures on the left pages. They're taken from the websites of the events/places mentioned. Thank you, David for teaching me how to use Photoshop! :P

I'm really interested in watching this movie. Here's the trailer in case you're curious.

Pictures of the Carbon Canyon Regional Park and TBBT via Google.

Have you made any plans for the following weeks yet?
Spring has finally arrived, so it's time to go out and have fun!

... Well, it's always a good time to go out and have fun,acually, but I mean without a coat now, hehe. Never mind ... Just make sure you have fun :P.

Have a great weekend, you all! :D


Chrissy said...

Love your journal and everything inside! Wonderful!!! Have a fabulous weekend! Hugs xxx

Rosie said...

i have something like this but its more writing than anything else - yours is much more amazing :D

did you get my giveaway prize yet? i sent it weeks ago and im a bit worried it got lost in the post :'(
Rosie xo

Hello Naka said...

omg i didnt noe they were doing a live show! i dont think it would be the same but still as cool :p and i lvoe the notebook ^^

kenzie said...

ah, what a neat peak into your notebook! what a good idea. i also love the addition of the photos.

that movie looks so cute and so good! let me know how it is, k?

have a good weekend, chica!

Rosie said...

hey again!

I've tagged you in a post! take a peek ;)

Charlotte said...

great blog. i love gemma correll's art, i have one of her tote bags! :) x

Lillí said...

Genia total Gemma.
¿Donde compró el cuaderno Val?

Monoblock said...

Qué lindo Miki!! Nos encantaría compartirlo en nuestra página de facebook!!