April 20, 2011

Library finds (both cool and odd)

You would be amazed by the amount of both cool and odd stuff I've been running into at the library I'm volunteering. This library gets a great number of donations every single day which makes our job amusing.

If you ever decide to donate your books to the library, make sure there're no personal notes or pictures hidden between pages! I'm sure you wouldn't like a stranger to find something like this:

It's normal to get whole boxes from one single donor. When that happens, it's usually because someone passed away and they're trying to get rid of the late person's bookcase. Going through those boxes is kind of a scavenger hunt; there're usually autographed books and first editions!

Speaking of the deceased, today I found one of the strangest and creepiest objects. This looks like a book but it's a journal (I don't know what else to call it) of a person's funeral! :O

These are the attendees' signatures ... why would anybody have something like this?! And even worse, donate it to the library! Brrrr!

On a brighter note, there are several classics and best sellers, so I totally recommend checking your local library book sale area before you go to a book shop. Here, books range from 50 cents to 2 bucks, and magazines are 10 cents.

You can even find books you didn't even know existed, hehe.

And more than just books! This, for instance, is a record collection.

Being that everything is so affordable, I've been bringing lots of stuff home. I'd love to buy every single book with a kitty on its cover, like these ones, but I'm trying to restrain myself :p.

And these are some of the ones that did make it home :).

The other volunteers recommended going to the Huntington Library a few weeks ago and on Monday, we found this little book from 1963 about it :).

Being that I'm new here, I find these magazines useful to get to know the city a little better. I'm writing down the names and addresses of the places I want to visit :).

My stash of fashion magazines to make collages is growing very rapidly!

I've also found something for David, hehe.

And for one of our nieces :).

Hope you are all having a nice week! ;D



Cookie said...

Such as huge library! And you have find lot of great books!

Lindsey said...

The books you nabbed look really cool! And looool @ the funeral book. I'm not real sure, but I think it's called a "memorial book" and typically only a member of the immediate family of the deceased would keep it. I guess someone was careless and threw it out or just didn't care anymore. Eery.

Unknown said...

haha! great post :D
the star trek one is brilliant ^_^
Rosie xo

Unknown said...

What wonderful finds. I never understood those funeral books either. My mother in-law told me it's a guest book so that you can send out thank you letters to everyone who came. I've signed at lest 10 of these and never got a thank you letter. Who wants a thank you letter for going to a funeral? I don't even like keeping the pamphlets they hand out at funerals. Much less a book.

Anonymous said...

I once found a book of old Vogue journalism from the 40's and it had a piece of toilet paper in it as a bookmark! I laughed so hard - plus the toilet paper was also from the 40's so it was really old.

james said...

this post was so cute!!

i missed ya miki!!! i'd love to work with you, it sounds like you have so much fun and encounter the coolest things on a daily basis :) muahh! hope all is going well!

Ashley said...

oh my those heart portraits are bizarre!