April 06, 2011


Sadly, I can't claim to be a great reader; I'm trying to change that, though. Doing volunteer work in a library has encouraged me to get books that I'll hopefully read till their very last page. Most of the other volunteers are nice old ladies who have read pretty much everything! They are so enthusiastic about the subject that they have passed that energy on to me :).

I've been buying donated books for a buck or two, and magazines for 10 cents. I've come to the conclusion that it's better to finish the one I'm currently reading before I move on to another serious book. However, and this might sound a bit tacky, I've also decided to reward myself with some more light-hearted (or silly, there you have it) kind of literature as I keep reading the books that actually matter.

This (Globalization and its Discontents) is a book I started reading in Argentina. It's very interesting and easy to read, but for some reason, I read very little each time. I stopped carrying my headphones so I can read while waiting for the bus.

The Penguin History of the USA is another book I started in Argentina and never finished. Once I knew I was going to move here, I realized I was going to have to get more acquainted with US history. I mean, I don't want to be an ignorant about this country's background! I'll be making this my home, for God's sake! I think I only read a bit over a hundred pages ... still reading about Virginia, hehe.

I was planning to get some classics, but I ran into The Dawn's of Early Light at the library. One of the other volunteers said it looked very interesting, so I bought it. I didn't even know what its title made reference to! :/.

I wish I had inherited my mom's love for books! She was so into Russian writters that owned Russian dictionaries because she thought it was impossible to truly understand their literature if you were clueless about their language. She used to buy lots of classics for my sister and me because, in her words, "You can't go wrong with classics. You know they're well written ..." And I can't even remember what else she said :/.

Anyway, here's a peek at the more blithe stuff I've picked. You can laugh, haha.

I know most of you are bookworms, so are there any books you can recommend?
It'd also be very helpful if you could tell me which books you read in school. I really want to catch up with those ones before we have kids. I'd hate my kids to think they have an ignorant mother :/.

Thank a lot! ;D

Hope you're all having a great week!


Laura said...

Yay for books! I like reading but like you, I find that I don't read so much at any given time. I usually read in bed at night and by that time I am so sleepy that I only turn a few pages.

I love the classics! Jane Eyre is a favorite of mine, as are Jane Austen's works. I'm currently reading Mansfield Park by Jane. I also enjoyed A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Rebecca, and the Diary of Anne Frank.

In high school I recall reading Shakespeare, and The Odyssey by Homer. Oh, and Animal Farm, and 1984.

As I always say, there are so many books and so little time! Glad the library is good.


daisymay aka Chantele said...

I am a big reader! Love to read when I have the time and usually have a few books on the go at a time, although currently too busy, which sucks. I want those last 2 books!!

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Michelle Clement said...

he he - I *totally* just posted about my books, too. Great minds think alike! Love yours! :)

kenzie said...

hurray! good for YOU! i find that i look at reading like i do exercise. i have to make sure i make time for it and i'm always feel better for it. the penguin history of the usa sounds interesting. well done, you new american! you already know ten times more than the people who live here, im sure. so high five.

if you need any book suggestions, let me know! have a good rest of your week!

Izzah Beverly said...

the man of my dreams by curtis sittenfield! It's so enjoyable to read :D