March 02, 2011

Welcome to our humble abode!

One of the things I got used to the fastest is the house; I can't call it my home yet, but we're getting there ;). Let me show you some of my favorite spots in it.

This is the living room, where we spend most of our time. We eat dinner here and watch lots of The Office and movies.

The kitchen is gorgeous! It's a pleasure to cook and do the dishes in such an organized place. I never wear that apron, but I do wear the rubber gloves because I'm allergic to detergent :/.

This is our bedroom, which is big and comfortable. You can see a bit of the bathroom on the right, too.

David has lots of toys in the office (Star Wars stuff and collectibles, I think). I decided to take Pikachu to the bedroom because he's too cute, hehe.

This is the bathroom; we bought that curtain the last time David came to Buenos Aires.

And this the view from our balcony. We haven't done anything there, yet, but I have the feeling we'll use it more when the summer comes.

Hope you enjoyed this mini tour :). Have a nice evening, everybody!


jamie said...

i love the kitchen! it would inspire me to cook even though i suck at it :) thanks for the mini tour!! i think pikachu is cute too, lol.

i wont be able to send anything out to you until the weekend of the 11th and 12th, but i cannot wait!! and i'll say it until i'm blue in the face, thank you so much for thinking of me and sending me something sweetheart :) you really didnt have to and i'll cherish it til i grow old and mean! i'm off to take a nap, marc and i just had a huge dinner! muah! love ya!

Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf said...

Your apartment is too cute. LOve everything about it!
~Naila Moon

Chrissy said...

Love your place! Great colors! Your hubby did a great job!
Passed on an award to you love!
Good night! XXX

Laura said...

Thanks for the tour! I like that it looks really tidy and open. Is that one of the cats at the bottom of the stairs in the last photo? ;) I bet Dimitri loves going out!

babalisme said...

Love the black and white kitchen!! you even match things together down to the apron and gloves! Great views, great home! So much to be done, hope you all the best! Love the last pic. Is that cutie pie one of yours?

Rosie said...

your pikachu is soso cute!
i love the look of your entire house - it looks stylish and comfortable, and its usually hard to get both at once!
i also lovvve your shower curtain ;)
Rosie <333

Oh, My Darling said...

Your apartment is so lovely! I am OBSESSED with your kitchen! It's so sleek.