March 20, 2011


A few days ago, David made a comment I totally agree to. We were watching The Office and I believe it was Gabe the one who said something like "I'm using my Blackberry." David's comment was, "Why can't people just use the word phone instead of naming brands ... Blackberry, IPhone ...?!"

This reminded me of a conversation I had with my best friend before moving here. Val had just bought an IPhone and wanted to buy a case for it, so we went to a Mac store to get it. We saw a shelf with a few models, all of which had a hole on their back. We couldn't figure out what that was for ... until she realized it was to show the logo of the apple! Really? I'm sure that precious apple is a synonym of "design, state-of-the-art tecnology, quality ..." but do we really need to show it proudly?

I'm not willing to advertise brands for free. I don't need to brag about sporting goods that more than likely were made in a sweatshop. I obviously know nothing about marketing, branding or advertising ... I mean, there's a reason why many women spend thousands of bucks on a LV bag, for instance.

I don't want to be a hypocrite; I do like going on shopping sprees, wearing good quality clothes, having long lasting electronic devices ... What I'm saying is I just don't want major brands to use me to advertise their name. I'm not falling for that one, thank you very much.


Lindsey said...

I've never thought about the phone thing, but it's so true! All my close friends and family have crappy phones though, so I don't hear it too often haha!

I refuse to wear labels on my clothes, it reminds me too much of how you were really hot shit in high school if you wore tommy hilifiger & american eagle haha -_-;

Lindsey said...

Ahaha, I guess I should clarify that I went to high school quite a long time ago lol! I went to a redneck school and those were the popular brands ^^;

jamie said...

the only things i own with a brand or logo showing is a few things from ralph lauren. other than that im a free bird ;)

miss ya dear! i'm catching up on emails today so you'll be hearing from me soon! xoxo!

Coquis said...

Ladies and gents,
Don't be surprised if one of these days you find Miki's column next to Carrie Bradshaw's
What a writer!

Fin Ryder said...

I feel the exact same way about advertising brands. Yesterday on the bus I looked at a woman's bag. It was nice enough I guess - not spectacular, but it was nice. Then I noticed the Coach branding on it.

It is very interesting how we are conditioned to *feel* something when we see those brand logos.

I thought to myself - if that didn't have the logo on it, people wouldn't think it was all that spectacular.. makes you think.

I have to agree with Coquis.. you are a great writer Miki! :)