March 07, 2011

The Miseducation

Hello, guys! How are you? I missed being here and checking your lovely blogs; it's been a busy weekend, but I'm here catching up now :).

If you're not new here, you already know how much David and I love our cats, Dimitri and Dante. They're super spoiled! And we love to spoil them. Here's proof of how much we've failed in the "parenting" of our pets :/ ...

Even though they have a modern and cool water tank of their own, they choose to drink water from all the wrong places.

They sleep wherever they want, usually not their own bed.

They're beyond lazy.

They play wherever they want.

They don't cover their mouth when they yawn.

They pretty much rule the house ... and the worst thing is that we just let them!
I don't even want to imagine what we'll be like when we have kids! : /

Have a wonderful week, everyone! ;D


Rosie said...

ahhh im a super fan of your cats, they're both adorable!
i love the sleeping pictures ^.^

Rosie xo

Chrissy said...

So cute, just like our kitty! They are all the same! Spoiled rotten!!

Ashley said...

I'm such crazy cat lady! I can't get enough of your cat posts! So cute :)

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, my cats do whatever they want too! And now so does my dog... I'm awful at discipline!

northwest is best said...

Awww, such cuties! I used to have a cat that would only drink water from a running tap. I had to turn it on for him like his servant.

Laura said...

Hi Miki!
I love the photos of Dante and Dimitri. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I adopted Harry first...oh, 7 years ago now. He was almost a year old...about 9 months at that time. A couple months after that I adopted Tex...and Tex was only 5 weeks old. So, so tiny! It was slow going initially. Harry was not cool about the new addition. ;) He hissed a lot and I was afraid to leave Tex alone with him until Tex got a whole lot bigger. But they eventually eased into living together...Harry sort of showed that he was the alpha cat and then it was ok. Certainly as Tex got bigger and could hold his own, they started to play together, and then grew to love each other. I'd say all this took place over at least 5-6 months.

So don't lose hope yet! Dante and Dimitri may still warm to each other. :)

My week is busy! I hope yours is good! :)

Laura xo

Anonymous said...

Cats are the representation of pure reality. Looking at what they do make us get back to earth, and see life simple and clear as water.
I guess many human beings behave the same way....Their world is just what they have around them....just what they see......
Is that good or bad.....boring or pleasent.....right or wrong......??
How do we feel about it? Do we dare to open the other doors??

............................. ♥

Made the scene
Week to week
Day to day
Hour to hour
The gate is straight
Deep and wide
Break on through to the other side
Break on through to the other side
Break on through
Break on through
Break on through
Break on through
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah


Feliz día de la mujer! Qué raro que no comenten nada en Estados Unidos......
Abrazo :)

jamie said...

aww, too cute!! i havent really been on blogger too, ive been kinda sick (caught the flu AGAIN this time from my baby sister). i've been helping her out with school projects and trying to get things together for my shop :) i hope everything is going well darling! you know, i walk to school every day because its only a block away... and i have noticed exactly what youve been talking about. you know, how nobody in california walks and when you are the pedestrian, everyone looks at you like youre from outer space? i get that look everyday walking to and from school?! weird!! and everyday there is always some assh*le who almost hits me with their car. anywho, have a wonderful week! marc's birthday is tomorrow and im off to do some last minute stuff! muah!

Hannah said...

your cats and so cute and funny =)

Bow Dream Nation xx

Ericnilla said...

i still need to meet Dimitri~! =]