March 31, 2011

Magazine mashup

In the library I'm volunteering, I have access to lots of magazines sold at the bargain-basement price of 10 cents each! I couldn't help grabbing a few ... and well, tearing them as I found interesting pictures and articles. Here's a mashup of the my favorite bits!

You can click on the pictures to enlarge them. Warning:  they're huuuge! (Unlike this warning, hehe).

I've always liked Selma Blair; I wish she would star more films. Isn't the green eyeliner she's wearing here superb?

Eeeh, this was my first time using the scanner. Lesson number one: check the sheet of paper fits the scanner before you start working on it :/.

This is one of the best dresses that I ever did see! I don't usually buy brown clothes, but I'd definitely get this one (IF I were as tall, slim and rich as Cameron Diaz, that is).

Here you have a few pictures of necklaces and a DIY. I like the one with the spoon, hehe.

This is a selection of the shoes that have caught my eye. My favorite ones are 2, 6, 7, 11 and the leg warmers :).

Some tips nobody cares about ... maybe you can read them in the restroom? Inappropriate, I apologize.

Being that my hair is not long enough to play with it the way I'd like to, I appreciated this article. Boring pony tails, I know! But with a twist ... I guess.

And this is just an outfit I found cool. Wouln't leave the house like that, though, ha.

I can't quote which pictures come from which magazine, but these are all the ones I used.

And this is the construction paper I used. David bought it for me the same day we got our wedding bands. The rings and the paper made my day, hehe :P.

So, I'm curious, what are your favorite magazines?

Hope you're making cool plans for the weekend! It's almost here :D.



Lauren said...

Ah that's very cool! I'm the same with brown - never go for it but that dress is lush! My fave is still Lula but I'd grab those at 10 cents too! x

Fin Ryder said...

I loved the tips page! Good choices :) I took a screen shot of the packing tips for my upcoming trip :)

I have way too many favourite magazine :P Glamour, Vanity Fair, Martha Stewart Living/Baby/Wedding, Then I like man magazines too - GQ and Details - I don't know why! :)

I like health magazines too.

You should get a cork board and make put all your snipped photos on it for inspiration! Could make a very cool collage.

Very fun Post Miki!

jamie said...

"Some tips nobody cares about ... maybe you can read them in the restroom? Inappropriate, I apologize."
- that had me laughing so hard :)

and i mean, 10 cents, are you kidding me?! that is sooo awesome! i wish i could get mags for 10cents/piece! i love the home and garden magazines, the martha stewart magazines, i love elle, vouge, etc, and i love wedding magazines!

i love what you did here.. you just inspired me to make an inspiration board, pronto!

and hows your family doing?! i hope well :) muah!