March 11, 2011

The eco-friendly post

I'm not going to lie to you, I've never been too much into the so-called "green issues". I am aware of the fact that the world is not going to last long if we don't start taking better care of it; and I do try not to waste and to do simple things (you know, throwing junk in a trash can, never on the street and stuff like that). But I've never thought of joining any environmental movements or anything of the sort.

I don't want to sound too judgemental with what I'm about to say, and please don't take it the wrong way, but I have the impression that the US is a country of abundance. Abundance in a good way, as a synonym of variety, quantity and opportunities; but also in a negative sense, as a synonym of squander. I'm amazed by how easily people resort to paper plates and plastic cups just because they're more convenient (I'm obviously talking about circumstances where regular crockery could be used). It's also surprising to see how many layers of paper are used when wrapping food or the amount of junk mail we get every day (i.e. wasted paper).

The purpose of this post is not to rant about this topic; it's just that I've mentioned lots of good things about America so far and I figured I could mention a not-so-good one as well. The point of this post is to simply show you cool environmentally friendly options ;).

Berry Plus, laundry detergent
Laundry detergent which components are 100% plant based and comes in kick-ass containers; how awesome is that?

Hampi natural tableware
This company has developed reusable (and beautiful!) tableware made out with fallen palm tree leaves.

Furoshiki is the name of the wrapping cloth that can be used and reused in many different ways. It uses techniques similar to origami and can be used for gift wrapping, grocery shopping or as decor. You'll find tutorials to learn the different techniques here.

Happy Friday, everyone! Hope you're making plans for the weekend! ;)


Hello Naka said...

i love the furoshiki ^^ and the packagin for the berry washing detergent is pretty awesome!!

and thanks i hope to get my mojo bck too :p

Anonymous said...

I love furoshiki :)
The japanese patchwork "boro"/about recycling fabrics.
Read here:

Chrissy said...

Wow, that laundry detergent is awesome!!!

Nena Nadine said...

Thanks for sharing. The junk mail drives me crazy! I signed up so all my bills are 'paperless' and I still get them in the mail. Grrr!

Ashley said...

americans are awful about this sort of thing, we often just get caught up trying to find easier ways for everything because we are lazy :/

How cool would it be to eat from a palm tree leaf?!

daisymay aka Chantele said...

That bag thing looks amazing! I want one!

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