March 17, 2011

5 artists from 5 different countries

Hello, everybody! Today I'm determined to write letters to my friends and family, so I thought I could use this post to find some inspiration. I don't know, looking at what artists do always gives me an extra boost to try to do something original (even though I know I'm never going to be an artist, I like to see what they do).

So, these are the five that have made it to my list of favorites today. I chose five people from five different countries. Let's see if you find them as inspiring as I do ;).

Karen Kurycki from the USA
I love her watercolor pieces. Don't you think she's amazing? I've always been curious about the use of this material. If only I knew how to draw and paint!

People too from Russia
They are illustrators and also work with paper cutouts. And they love kitties! How could I not like them?

Nod Young from China
He's a typographer who is also known for his work in advertising and the creation of logos.

Matthias Heiderich from Germany
He is an urban photographer. I love the colors in his photographs.

Mauro de Donatis from Italy
He modifies photographs of musicians through a technique called triangulation.

Hope you enjoyed this inspirational journey!


kenzie said...

oh. my. gosh.
i love love love this post. what a great idea! you always post the best photos. so inspirational! i love karens watercolors. and the cut out pieces from russia. love love love.

have a good rest of your week, dawling :)

Oh, My Darling said...

Wow, you curated a great list of artists with really unique aesthetics. If it's cool, I may re-blog (and link back to here) the mustache piece by Karen!

Coquis said...

Interesting post!
Without any doubt, my favorite is the Russian one :)
Have a nice day!

jamie said...

you always find the coolest stuff my love! i wish i had some kind of artistic bone in my body, hehe <3

muah! thinking of you!

Rosie said...

i love the architecture photographs! amazing! :D
Rosie xo

Ashley said...

I love love love nod young's work. Never seen it before, but it's so crisp and perfect <3

Mamushka Marie said...

oh i love. especially people too ...on the sheet music. brilliant. <3

Fin Ryder said...
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Fin Ryder said...

You are definitely inspiring me for my upcoming art weekend! I love the water colours.

Thanks for posting :D