March 31, 2011

Magazine mashup

In the library I'm volunteering, I have access to lots of magazines sold at the bargain-basement price of 10 cents each! I couldn't help grabbing a few ... and well, tearing them as I found interesting pictures and articles. Here's a mashup of the my favorite bits!

You can click on the pictures to enlarge them. Warning:  they're huuuge! (Unlike this warning, hehe).

I've always liked Selma Blair; I wish she would star more films. Isn't the green eyeliner she's wearing here superb?

Eeeh, this was my first time using the scanner. Lesson number one: check the sheet of paper fits the scanner before you start working on it :/.

This is one of the best dresses that I ever did see! I don't usually buy brown clothes, but I'd definitely get this one (IF I were as tall, slim and rich as Cameron Diaz, that is).

Here you have a few pictures of necklaces and a DIY. I like the one with the spoon, hehe.

This is a selection of the shoes that have caught my eye. My favorite ones are 2, 6, 7, 11 and the leg warmers :).

Some tips nobody cares about ... maybe you can read them in the restroom? Inappropriate, I apologize.

Being that my hair is not long enough to play with it the way I'd like to, I appreciated this article. Boring pony tails, I know! But with a twist ... I guess.

And this is just an outfit I found cool. Wouln't leave the house like that, though, ha.

I can't quote which pictures come from which magazine, but these are all the ones I used.

And this is the construction paper I used. David bought it for me the same day we got our wedding bands. The rings and the paper made my day, hehe :P.

So, I'm curious, what are your favorite magazines?

Hope you're making cool plans for the weekend! It's almost here :D.


March 30, 2011

No, thanks. / Yes, please.

Here's a summary of the silliest things I've bumped into when going through blogs. I say "no, thanks!" to them all, haha!

Bikini jeans

Blood stained shower curtains

Atypical ad campaign
Surpette, a clothing store in New Zealand, used plates installed on benches to imprint their ad onto the back of bare legs!

Taco purses

Diamond-shaped ice
Ok, this is not so gross; but still, I pass.

 And these finds are probably just as silly, but I say "yes, please!" to them :).

Lomography spinner 360
Actually, this one's not silly at all! A Lomo camera that takes 360 degree pictures by pulling a string.

Cut out clock

Lego lunch boxes

Skull plastic chair

These decorative nail-in cable clips make unsightly cables come to life! What a cool idea; don't you think?

Hope you are all having a nice week! :D

March 29, 2011

Contrasts: before & after - at the library.

This is what the donations wareahouse looks like every morning before we sort the books out.

There are different criteria to categorize the books (it's not as easy as I'd thought!). Every day, there's a lady who explains how to do it and once they're classified, we put the books in the shelves in the warehouse.

Once the warehouse is in order, we select the books that will make it to the book sale section within the library. Prices range from 50 cents to USD 30 in the case of complete encyclopedias; most of the hardbacks are USD 1 or 2. Magazines are either 10 or 25 cents.
It's sad, but even though books are ridiculously cheap, many people steal them.

In this time working at the library, I learnt lots of interesting facts, such as:

a.- There are not many writers whose family names start with letter "a".

b.- Baldacci is one of those writers whose books sell like hotcakes, but nobody seems to want to keep them...

The same happens with Grisham and a few other authors.

c.- People donate a lot of books, most of which are in excellent condition (as you can see in the pics).

d.- Before donations are put in the book sale section, it is necessary to make sure the donor's personal information is not displayed anywhere in the material. If so, there's a stamp to cover private info.

So far, it's been lots of fun. I'm gald there was a spot for me there :).

Hope you're all having a nice day!

March 27, 2011

Vintage clothes galore in Melrose Av, Hollywood

This weekend we headed for Hollywood once again, but this time, we walked all over Melrose Avenue. I think this is my favorite place so far. There're lots of vintage stores and cool clothing stores, as well as bars and restaurants. Here's a selection of the spots that caught my eye.

American Vintage is one of the first stores we went to. They have a respectable selection of items, but it's too cramped in there. And one of the employees burped right when we were walking past the teller ...

A block away there's Wasteland. My favorite section was the vintage shoes one!

There's another store called American Vintage which was probably the biggest and my favorite one.

There are many colorful and appealing stores and street art on Madison Avenue.

We caught a band jamming at Goorin Bros., a hat store.

We stopped at a pub for drinks where they played "Alright" by Supergrass. It reminded me of the old days when Val and I would go to Brit pop parties and listened to our favorite bands :).

We then did some more window shopping and later went to Little Tokyo. I'm afraid I've already posted too many pictures, so no Little Tokyo pics here.

Hope you all had a great weekend, too! ;)

Alright - Supergrass from Fabiana Honorato on Vimeo.