February 13, 2011

Week photo mash-up

This week I spent most of the time at home.
I started using the treadmill.

I walked up to where the stores are.
We went to San Diego to visit David's family.

We met some of his friends at Victoria Gardens.
And my favorite part of the weekend: we went to Claremont and watched a movie.
Before the movie, we had some frozen yoghurt.

And Japanese food, too.
We spent some time in Rhino Records and bought a record.
Tomorrow, I think I'll try to get into the bus to go back to Claremont. So far, this has been my favorite place here.

Hope you all have a nice Valentine's Day! :)


Laura said...

Looks like you are having a wonderful time so far in California! The soup and frozen yogurt look delicious!

Happy Valentine's Day! :)

little t said...

Id love an open road like that in front of me right now...

polka dot said...

MIKI!!! I only have a few precious hours before leaving Florida and I was about to go to the beach for my one and only time this visit, and I rememered that i didn't reply to your sweet comment: you're there!!! ; )

I love this collection - snapshots of your life. I was just saying that to a friend. That's what our lives are, in the purest sense; just putting together happy memories.

Happy Valentine's DAy to you too! xx

Chrissy said...

Looks like you're having a great time in Cali so far!
So happy for you!
How's Dimitri doing?

Happy V-Day!
Hugs xxx

jamie said...

awww, seems like youre adjusting fine dear <3 happy valentines day love!


Rosie said...

looks like you had a fun weekk! :)
happy valentines :) xx