February 24, 2011


I’m quite sure not even one of you will check these videos, but I’m in the mood for music now. So, these are some of my favorite songs from some movies I've enjoyed a lot.

From "Garden State": Such Great Heights by The Postal Service.

 From "Trainspotting": Mile End by Pulp.

From "About A Boy": About a Boy by Badly Drawn Boy.

From "Happy-Go-Lucky": Merry Happy by Kate Nash.

From "Juno": Piazza, New York Catcher by Belle & Sebastian.

Is there any soundtrack you love?

Sleep tight, everyone! ;)


Scorpio78 said...

I've never seen any of these movies, but I've found some interesting music.

I noticed (I researched just a bit first) that these movies are like life itself; relationships, people struggling with their innermost feelings, sometimes finding themselves in a point of no return, or thinking about what would be the right decision to make on every situation? I think these movies are about that (generally), or what it seemed to me. I guess I'll better watch them, right?

little t said...

Ha, Im in work right now so can't check them, but Im taking note for later just to prove you wrong :)

I already know I love some of these- The Juno soundtrack and Trainspotting is one of the best soundtracks of all time. I made the mistake of watching the movie recently and nearly threw up though- I get very queasy.

Rosie said...

i love the juno soundtrack soo much <33
i also love the soundtrack to 'the beach' with leonardo dicaprio :) xxxx

Laura said...

Juno is one of my favorite movies and soundtracks. :)

Hope you have a great weekend!

choco.pop said...

I'm currently obsessed with "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World"'s soundtrack, especially with "Black Sheep" from Metric *hearts everywhere*
Hm, I think I'm gonna make a post about movie soundtracks sometime soon xD
Btw, I ckecked Pulp's video :3 I'm so predictable xD


Paper Heart Girl said...

Ahhh, I love that postal service track! xxxxxxxxxx

Oh, My Darling said...

What wonderful soundtrack picks -- hooray for Kate Nash in particular! Also, I remember being really, really into the Garden State soundtrack, probably around my sophomore year of college.

I'm pretty fond of the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack, and, more recently, the Blue Valentine soundtrack (lots of Grizzly Bear on it, plus Ryan Gosling!).