February 23, 2011


Fortune cookie purses
Funny thing, yesterday I made a post about the fortune cookies David saved for me and today I ran into these adorable purses designed by Diana Eng. Is this an omen? Does this mean I should buy one? Mmm ...

Merry-go-round cup
I'm not sure I'd buy this, but I can't deny it's an original idea. Maybe this would help kids drink more tea? (Are kids supposed to drink tea, anyway?)

You can purchase it here.

Practical umbrella
I'm not sure about this one either, but it looks practical.

Buddha shaped pears
Now this is going too far. Why would anybody develop such a thing? Someone has too much time on their hands, I guess ...

I was going to look into other weird stuff to show you, but I'm actually having fun locating cool places to visit nearby. Thank you GPS on my phone and David for having purchased a cool map ... oh, and my phone, haha.
Have a good evening, everyone! ;)


Marie said...

MIKI! estoy viendo una peli vieja que se llama The fortune cookie y me acordé de vos!

Chrissy said...

Those fortune cookie purses are so cute! Did I miss that post from yesterday...I will head back right away! xxx

Nena Nadine said...

Those pears are so funny. Creative but I would never buy one. Or would I... Never say never.

babalisme said...

Those fortune cookie purses are sooo cute! can't hold much I guess, but too dang cute to even think about that.

But those pears actually creeps me out a little bit..have you ever heard of Japanese legend that there's a tree that grows in a war soil and thus "drinks" lots of blood and has crying human babies instead of fruits? remind me of that story.

Rosie said...

i want all of the things on this list!
ESPECIALLY the cookie purses!
amazing :DDD

hugs!! xo.

Hello Naka said...

rofl i love the umbrella's i would totally buy one! and those fortune cookie purses are very cute :3

danniekate said...

where do you find these things?! this is amazing! especially the practical umbrella...i tend to poke people with mine! i love your whimsical little moments :) xx

la mì said...

Wonderful post!
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kiss kiss ;D

Michelle Clement said...

Whaaat - cool stuff!! :) I *love* the cookie purse, and I'm not sure I'd drink any tea with that cup, I'd be so distracted, playing with it! lol. Awesome!

jamie said...

hello sweetness! the fortune cookie coin purses are so cute! and the merry-go-round cups? oh gosh its soo cute! id buy one just to play with it lol. the umbrellas are so fun and quirky! oh and i saw the buddah shaped pears on tumblr and fell in love with it instantly! id love to grow some in my backyard :) i hope that youre having fun exploring and finding cool shops in your area! things have been very hetic and busy over here. but i have resent you an email dear! to the other address you provided me with :) i hope you get it or else i will be sad :(

Fin said...

That Merry Go Round cup is amazing! :) I don't know if I'd buy it either but I can appreciate it and it's cool optical illusion :)

Oh, My Darling said...

The fortune cookie coin purses are so very fun! I wonder if they come with fortunes inside of them.