February 18, 2011

The good, the bad, the odd

Hello, everybody! I missed being here. I had all the time in the world, and yet, was not in the mood for anything, really; I guess I had a couple of "blah" days. But I'm back here now. This time, I want to show you some things I find good, bad and odd about America.

The complex and the neighborhood
The good: I really love the condo and the complex is very nice and quiet. It's provided with two swimming pools, jacuzzis and tennis courts. It's within walking distance from where the stores are, which is great, especially because I don't drive.

The bad: Stores are all gathered in blocks, which are all brown and dull; there's no design or interesting architecture. I miss walking and seeing houses as well as stores in the same street. This occurs in the very few areas I've visited, I'm not saying all the places are like that; Claremont, for example, is not.

 The odd: There are no pedestrians! I can say I've walked a considerable number of miles since I got here and I've run into just a couple of people in the street. Everybody drives here.

About the house
The good: I love the house! It's neat and David takes good care of it. Everything looks new and it's very comfortable.

The bad: It still doesn't feel like my own house. I sometimes feel I'm just a guest or on vacation here. I guess it'll take some time, but so far, I've been having a great time in here. Oh, another bad thing, religious people have come to talk to us twice already. I never heard them going upstairs! A girl even asked me to read some prayer aloud, which, I didn't do.

The odd: I don't miss my old house, which is a good thing, I guess.

About the cats
The good: Dante and Dimitri seem to have become more comfortable with each other's presence; they rarely hiss now. Also, this house is absolutely cat-friendly, haha, so Dimitri's very happy here. He started going out and having a normal cat life.

The bad: Dimitri is a very good hunter and as such ... he's already brought a rat home! ... at 2AM and ate it under our bed! Gross! Dante stared at him in astonishment. We had to grab a broom to try to prevent Dimitri from eating it. We finally succeeded ... after he'd eaten its head :/.

The odd: Dante wants Dimitri's food and vice versa. Dimitri has kidney problems, so he needs special food. We might end up feeding both cats with Dimitri's food.

About products in general
The good: There's a wide range of everything; everything comes in different sizes, flavors, packaging ... You get what you want and more.

The bad: I'm used to doing liters, meters and kilos. It's very difficult for me to calculate gallons, feet and pounds because I'm not used to them and because they're not based on a scale from 1 to 100. I don't get why sometimes Americans still speak about kilometers and liters, though (depending on the product).

The odd: I'm discovering many objects I had no idea they existed. Here are a few examples:
You put this in  the dryer to make your clothes smell even better :).

This is a broom wich also wets the floor with cleaning products and wipes it.

These are my new slippers :); they're warm and comfy. I can't take them off!

I'll start getting ready to keep exploring the surrounding areas. I'm taking the bus again :). Hope you have nice plans for today, too! Be happy, it's Friday! :D


Rosie said...

i have slippers like that! :)
im glad your cats have made friends :)
interesting post! :) xx

Scorpio78 said...

Every place has them, good, bad and odd. Life is like a chocolate box, you never know what you´ll get... or something like that.

I´m glad Dimitri and Dante are purring together now.

Glad to know about you again.

Chrissy said...

I know things can be overwhelming at the beginning! It's funny you mention the lack of pedestrians...that's one of the first things we noticed! People drive everywhere! In Europe we like walking! People looked at us as if we were from another planet when we walked somewhere! Or because we walk our dog several times a day! People here just let their dogs in the backyard...strange! And, I too, have problems with gallons, feet etc....always need my converter on my cell...hahaha
Love ya xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Miki!
Estoy segura que no debe ser para nada fácil. Pero después de un tiempo te acostumbrarás.
Lo bueno es que estás con Devi que te apoya....y si lográs encontrar un empleo, va a venir muy bien! Ya que eso te mantendrá la mente ocupada. Mientras tanto podés recorrer la ciudad de a poco e ir conociendo los diferentes barrios.

Beso, abrazo y fuerzaa!! :)
Changes make u grow !!


Tell us sth about prices.....when u go to the restaurants/coffeshops/supermarket...more or less expensive than Buenos Aires??
What about independent designers in LA? Vintage stores?
Are there fashion fairs where u can meet indie designers??
Are u making new friends, meeting neighbours?

kenzie said...

you are freaking adorable.
i'm glad you are doing well!

yasmine said...

oh welcome to the US! i hope you like it :) xx


Anonymous said...

=) I like seeing the products that are new to you! Also, it took me a few months to feel like I lived in this house after moving in with Brien. It will come!

jamie said...

i really liked this post!! its just soo adorable reading about products you have never heard of :) and your cat eating a rat's head off? omg yuck! my dog did something similar but i wont get into details, lol. i hope youre having a wonderful weekend love!

and check your email babe!

Oh, My Darling said...

Aww, your new slippers are too cute!

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Aww Miki your new house looks lovely, you'll eventually settle in, it'll just take a while. I found shopping in the states very odd too, you can get loads of different items out there. And lots of stuff we don't have in the UK. Buy Lucky Charm cereal, if you like sweet cereal you will love it. They stopped it in the UK years ago, so I eat tons every time I visit over there. Plus its weird that their milk comes in bags!! very wrong! And the bacon, and butter are different to the UK. Your little pets look happy together now. Im glad!

Hello Naka said...

nice slippers! and that weird how u only saw a couple of people D: nice photos it looks like a nice neighbourhood :)

Nena Nadine said...

I really enjoy seeing your new found perspective on America.

I don't drive either so I also find it odd when I'm in an area with a lack of pedestrians. I don't really know what the comparison would be for you though. And I didn't even think of the whole feet and pound thing. That would be difficult. It would take me forever to switch over!