February 04, 2011

First post from the USA

Hello, everybody! This is my very first post from my new home! I can hardly believe we're here. Thank you so much for all your sweet comments and good wishes! They really made me happy. I was in some kind of limbo these past couple of days, and hearing from you made me feel I was still part of planet Earth, I really appreciate it ;D.

I have lots of things to say, I guess, but I don't want to bore you too much, so I'll try to sort the pictures and stories before posting them. I suppose I should start by telling you about my trip. I was prepared to leave on February 2nd, but as I was a stand-by passenger, I was notified on the 1st that they'd found a place for me to travel that same day! I hand't even finished packing and had plans for Wednesday morning, but I had to get ready and leave. Thank God, Val could help me pick up stuff I needed to get before departing! But there are still things (gifts, mostly) that I could't buy :(.

To my surprise, I got to travel in first class! Everything was so fancy! The flight attendants even called me by my name. I took a few pictures, but they are super dark, so I think they're not worth posting. We were all in separate private booths and were very comfortbale in there. We were fed great food and had a fun flight. I seemed to be the only one excited about being there, though. The rest didn't even care to open the windows :(. I could only take one picture with the windows open right before we landed in Dallas.

OK, so let me show you some of the pictures I've taken so far.

The seat was super comfortable; it turned into a bed and was provided with like 7 different buttons. There was a small seat in front of each of these in case someone wanted to come for a while.

I started watching "Letters to Juliet", but fell asleep before it finished.

After sleeping for a little while, I got up and never fell asleep again. I looked terrible, haha.

In Dallas, they went through all my documents. It wasn't such a hustle, fortunately, but I only had 1:30 hs to deal with that, go get my bags, dispatch them again, grab my boarding pass for the next flight and go to the terminal to finally catch my plane. I got there when they were saying "Last call to flight 817"! Thank God, I made it there.

The airport in Dallas is huge! I had to take the Skyline to my terminal. It took about 10 minutes to get there.

I had a window seat this time, so I was able to take some pics. The view was awesome! I was in business class this time, but it was a short flight (a little over 3 hours) and a very small plane. I had good food, though :P.

When I arrived in Burbank, I found AA had lost my bags. Honestly, I didn't care much about my baggage; I just wanted to see David and pick up Dimitri at LAX (yeah, we arrived at different airports). I had to buy a magazine at the free shop in order to get quarters and call David; we met soon after I made my call. Oh, and my bags were sent home some hours later ;).

We then picked Dimitri up; we had a few mishaps but we could take him home with us :D. He's alive! And he's doing quite well considering everything he had to go through, poor thing! The first night, he cried a lot, but yesterday started feeling a little better. He even slept with us on the bed last night :D, which was great for me, but sucked for Dante, David's cat.

In the picture above, you can see Dimitri as I unpacked my bags. And below, you'll see Dante staring at Dimitri from the closet.

Tomorrow we're going to the vet to get Dimitri a chip. We'll work hard to help the cats get along. So far, it hasn't been terrible, but they have not tried to interact much, either. We're also going to a barbecue at David's parents' house where I'll see his whole family; I met everyone in my previous visit, but now it's different, I'm actually part of the family. I hope I don't mess up, haha.

I'll be back later with more pictures. THANKS again for your support! :D And have a happy Friday!


jamie said...

yay! you made it :) and first class, eh? nice! if it were me id be all giddy about it too, hehe. thank goodness they found your baggages! it sounds like you'll be super busy so i hope all goes well with the family!!! xoxo!

welcome to california, babe.

Hello Naka said...

^^ im glad ur there in one piece! and i hope ur kitty feels better now :3 and u look great! i alwayd looks like a walking zombie when i get off a flight XD

Anonymous said...

Woow! You finally arrived! ;-)

Chrissy said...

Hey, I've been thinking about you all day long, hoping everything went well!
I'm so happy for you and David and Dimitri! I knew it would all be ok! So, so glad you're finally in LA with your fiance! And Dimitri will soon befriend the "stranger"!
Can't wait to hear and see more!
First class - wow what a fancy way to travel! You deserved it dear!

LillĂ­ said...

OMG! You're finally there!

Lindsey said...

Ahh, I love your cats! Dante has awesome markings!

And woah, how exciting you're in the USA now!! I bet you're exhausted though. I can't wait to read future posts about your impressions of living here :]

Anonymous said...

Miki! I've missed too much! I'm so, so glad you made it safely and that you are finally here...well, know what I mean! =) Have fun getting settled in and keep us posted!

Laura said...

So glad you and Dimitri both made it! I look forward to hearing more about your new adventures in California!

Rosie said...

im so glad you made it, and dimitri too!!
hope you enjoy the barbeque and that you are settling in okay <33
-Rosie xx

Ima said...

wohoo you got a new home and it's in LA. What else can be better than that?
By the way, thank you for your sweet comment on closed blog. Do you mind to check out my new blog : ? Hehe thanks :)

Jazzabelle said...

oh how lovely! glad you made it over safely :) you got to travel first class? how wonderful! i'd love to travel first class. i'm going thailand next week so who knows, i might get upgraded! :) xx

Nena Nadine said...

Safe and Sound. That's great. Welcome to your new home!!!! The kitties will get along eventually. Don't worry about it to much. Just give them time.