February 07, 2011

First impressions

I've been here for 5 days now; that's not too long but in that time I've learnt some interesting things about America (or well, California).

It's very easy to put on weight here; there are lots of treats and snacks, and they even come in giant containers! Temptation is everywhere, so I'll seriously have to watch it.

Apparently, I love Burt's Bees' chapstick. I started using it evern since I got this kit from American Airlines and have become addicted to it. The weather here is way drier than in Buenos Aires; I have to keep putting on cream and moisturizing lotion constantly.

There's a wide variety of everything. Here's an example: litter boxes.

David's cousin's family gave me a welcoming basket containing lots of typical things from California and America (how thoughtful of them, I know!). I finally tasted Salt Water Taffy and S'mores ... they're delish!

I can still find lots of Argentine products in certain grocery stores :).

There are lots of crazy things out there that I had never seen before, haha.

I'd obviously seen I-Pods before, but I'd never heard of this system where you grab the piece of cardboard and then the employee hands in the product.

Everything's designed so that it's easier for the customer to shop.

Well, I guess this post must have been super boring for people who are used to living here, hehe, sorry, I'm just amused by all these things. I suppose I'll find them regular soon.

Hope you all had a nice day! ;)


Anonymous said...

Cool post! Really interesting! :)

Chrissy said...

So, you've been to target (love going there) and it seems you've been to Costco (love it, too)! Some things, like the eggo, I just don't get...I guess it's for the super lazy people! hahaha
I have the exact same kit from AA - got it because I switched seats with a special needs's awesome!
Have a good night! And get on Twitter hun!
Hugs xxx

Fin said...

It's real interesting to step back and look at the little things we gloss over on a daily basis. Keep it coming! :)

jamie said...

i love eating like a fatty :)

Ashley said...

Yay Miki! It was good to hear from you! I'm so glad you made it here safe and sound... and Dimitri too! I really love looking at all these ordinary things through someone else's perspective! So funny!


Lindsey said...

Salt Water Taffy is the beeeeest! Grocery shopping is the funnest thing ever when you get to a new locale!

kenzie said...

this was super interesting. seriously. amazing the things that are different. i miss being abroad. awe.
im glad you are enjoying california!

danniekate said...

i've never been to america, but now i'm kinda scared of it! xx

little t said...

These things are all crazy to me too!

The litter trays made me laugh.

Glad to hear you're settling in :)


Rosie said...

cuuute <3
love the shopping trolleys!
-Rosie xo.

Anonymous said...

Wait, is it the frozen pizza in general or the toppings that you haven't seen? Several of the boys in my house would starve without frozen pizza. It's so fun seeing other people's reactions to what it every day stuff to me. You would probably get such a kick out of my reaction to shopping in Argentina, too!

Nena Nadine said...

It's nice to see a fresh perspective on things. And Burts Bees is the best!

Gale said...

UH-OH! you found our food :X