February 22, 2011

Cannelloni cats

No cats were hurt during the making of this post.

Have a great Tuesday! ;D


Rosie said...

so cuute i think i just happy cried a little :')
thanks for your comment about my bf,
it so sucks that you and yours spent so long away from each other, but it must be so nice being together now!! <33
im trying to look on the positive side, that its nice to have a bit of space and be a bit independent, and that not too long in the future we'll be together again, hopefully living together after uni!!!


Lauren said...

Hahahahha! So cute Miki, this pepped me right up x

Laura said...

LOVE this! Kitties are the absolute best! Glad your feline friends cooperated in the photo session. ;)

Chrissy said...

So cute!!! xxx

Oh, My Darling said...

Is that a cat Snuggie!?

Gale said...

aww so cute! i love this. i love cats!!

you may find this funny too>>

Rose said...

Awww cute. Tiger loves when I wrap him up too when its winter :)


Izzah Beverly said...

both of them are so adorable! :)

Scorpio78 said...

I Love Cats!
I Love Cannelloni!
Cats-filled Cannelloni!
What A Fabulous Combination!

Katrin said...

This is adorable!!