February 28, 2011

My first days as Mrs. Iannetta

Hello, there! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! As most of you know, I'm a married girl now :D (hence the title of this post); I'm super happy to be David's wife ... it still sounds strange, haha! This was our first weekend as a married couple; we didn't go too crazy, actually, it was a very quiet one, but we had fun. Here are a few pictures so you can see what we've been doing.

On Saturday, we took Dimitri to the vet. He had some blood and urine samples taken. We got the results today and luckily, he seems to be doing well (my poor baby has kidney problems).

We watched lots of movies and TV series! Garden State, again; lots of The Office, as usual; I wacthed Star Wars for the first time (I made it till the end without falling asleep, haha!); South Park, etc.

Yes, I watch movies and series with subtitles in English, when possible.

We ate A LOT :/ and David cook a lot, too :D; he usually does and really well, let me tell you ;P.

I also tried canned soup for the first time. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but of course, it doesn't taste like home made soup.

We also created my character in World of Warcraft. Since most of the names I wanted were already taken, I had to settle for Mameshiba, haha. I don't think I'll become a fan of the game (I'm not used to playing computer games, or the Wii or anything else), but at least I'll try to understand what it is about.

Last but not least, we went thrifting for the first time. I got myself a couple of nice items for very little money ;).

I wish you all a great week! ;D

February 26, 2011

The happiest post ever

Guess what? David and I got married today! :D (Well, yesterday now). We didn't tell anybody except for David's parents and brother and Anthony, one of his best friends and our only witness to the ceremony. Since we couldn't throw a party, we decided to keep it private. Maybe in the future, we can afford to celebrate it with everybody, but to be honest with you I don't feel sad at all for not having had a party. The day was about David and me and it was awesome :D. It was cloudy and later started raining, but it was a perfect day to us. It'd have been supreme if my family and closest friends had been able to come, but I always knew there were very little chances of that happening.

We might have not got Katie Sokoler, but Anthony brought his equipment and took these lovely picture of us. It was a laid-back wedding, just like us ;D.

I'm the happiest girl in the world to have married my other half, the sweetest, kindest and most generous man I've ever met. I still can't believe I was this lucky! :D And I can't wait to see what the future holds for us!

I'm married, guys!!! :D Yay!!!

February 24, 2011


I’m quite sure not even one of you will check these videos, but I’m in the mood for music now. So, these are some of my favorite songs from some movies I've enjoyed a lot.

From "Garden State": Such Great Heights by The Postal Service.

 From "Trainspotting": Mile End by Pulp.

From "About A Boy": About a Boy by Badly Drawn Boy.

From "Happy-Go-Lucky": Merry Happy by Kate Nash.

From "Juno": Piazza, New York Catcher by Belle & Sebastian.

Is there any soundtrack you love?

Sleep tight, everyone! ;)

February 23, 2011


Fortune cookie purses
Funny thing, yesterday I made a post about the fortune cookies David saved for me and today I ran into these adorable purses designed by Diana Eng. Is this an omen? Does this mean I should buy one? Mmm ...

Merry-go-round cup
I'm not sure I'd buy this, but I can't deny it's an original idea. Maybe this would help kids drink more tea? (Are kids supposed to drink tea, anyway?)

You can purchase it here.

Practical umbrella
I'm not sure about this one either, but it looks practical.

Buddha shaped pears
Now this is going too far. Why would anybody develop such a thing? Someone has too much time on their hands, I guess ...

I was going to look into other weird stuff to show you, but I'm actually having fun locating cool places to visit nearby. Thank you GPS on my phone and David for having purchased a cool map ... oh, and my phone, haha.
Have a good evening, everyone! ;)

February 22, 2011

I choose my own fortune

About a year ago, I asked David to start saving all the fortune cookies he got every time he ordered Chinese food. In Argentina we don’t get them, so it’s fun for me to crack the cookies and read those little pieces of paper. Today, I decided to open them all :p.

He collected lots and lots of fortune cookies from different restaurants!

It was fun to read all the notes ... and well, I must confess that I also ate a few cookies (I'm not sure if you're even supposed to eat them, ha!).

I'm going to glue a few of them on my schedule book, include some others in letters I'm writing to my friends and I'll later show you what I'll do with the rest.

Good fortune to you all! ;)

Cannelloni cats

No cats were hurt during the making of this post.

Have a great Tuesday! ;D

February 21, 2011

Miki goes to Hollywood

Yes, like the band, but I switched Frankie to my name (those old enough who used to enjoy listening to music in the 80's know what I'm talking about). I couldn't think of a better title, hehe.

This past Saturday, David, one of his friends and I went to Hollywood. We used public transportation, so now I know how to get there :P. It was a cold, rainy day but it didn't matter; we had lots of fun. I didn't take as many pictures as I should have, but I'm sure we'll go back soon ;D.

We drove to the train station and took the train to Los Angeles Union Station. The coaches were neat! There were tables, restrooms and everything looked clean.

In LA Union Station there was a huge fish tank with little fish; I don't think you can see any in this picture, though.

We then had to take the metro; the red line to Hollywood/Vine.

After a quite long journey, we arrived in Hollywood. It felt nice to be in a city again :D.

We browsed through vintage clothes in this store. There are lots of cool clothing stores, but this one seemed the coolest one.

 We had a couple of drinks and then went bowling, where we continued having drinks, hehe.

After that, we had a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant and then went back home. It was a great weekend! Hope yours was, too!