January 19, 2011

Weddology: a little hackneyed (maybe?), but still cool

When I started looking into weddings, I discovered a whole new world of awesome ideas I'd never heard about. Soon, I realized that many of those cool ideas have been adopted by so many couples that they're no longer so original. That doesn't mean they're not cool, though. Here's a list of some objects that are in vogue right now.


Jars instead of glasses

Moustache for photo booth pictures
Striped paper straws

Several cupcakes instead of a standard wedding cake



Bottles, cans and jars as vases



I think I would use most of the above listed ideas :). Happy Wednesday, everyone!


Cupcake Couture said...

What an amazing post.
Must have taken you quite a while - research wise.
Love it!

Hello Naka said...

u always choose the prettiest photos and i love the jars instead of the glsses :p

jamie said...

oh gosh. all this is so pretty! ok so when you move to Ontario, find a Dollar Store.. im telling you this because they let you order in bulk! which is perrrfect for a wedding! everything is a dollar an item AND you get to order in bulk! the dollar store thing is best for DIY weddings & things like vases, etc.

and OMG chicken noodle soup would sound SO good! ive always wanted to make my own! it looks so easy but i really suck at cooking so ive never given it a try. but thanks so much for the warm wishes, i do feel better! i think school has lifted my spirits :) and great friends like you! xo take care and talk to you later <3

kenzie said...

oh my gosh. all those ideas are awesome.
my friends used chalkboards are her wedding.
and another friend used the cute mustaches on the sticks. a-dor-able.

also, im seriously considering taking you up on your buenos aires idea. i was looking at craigslist and apartments are cheap there! what do you do for work? i'd love to talk about it more. facebook?

Nena Nadine said...

funny story. So I got all the flowers for the wedding the day before. The day of while setting up I realized. I had nothing to put them in. Didn't even cross my mind. They were all in some giant container on my table. As guest drank up the wine, I would puts some water in the empty bottles and put them on the other tables. And I loved how it looked.

Chrissy said...

Wow - what an amazing post! I love everything! Where do you find all those cute ideas? So beautiful!!
Hugs hun xxx

Hello Naka said...

i think i might end up making those little moutashes :3 and tehe thanks im glad u like my hair ^^ i was quite nervous when i was getting it cut XD

Che said...

i love ALL these things! especially the glass jars! :) now i just need to get married.... hahaha

Izzah Houdini said...

coolest ever! Please post your wedding pictures in the future lol.

Gem said...

I love the blogs 100 layer cake and such pretty things. I'm not getting married but they give fab decorating inspiration x

Oh, My Darling said...

Three cheers for wedding succulents! Hip, hip, hooray!

Ana said...

Really these pics make me cry, in a good way. i feel touched by them because they remind me of the day my usband proposed and it was the happiest day of my life. We were in Argentina, for a vacation, and that night we decided to stay in our rented buenos aires apartment and ask for food delivery. Instead of "empanadas", a bunch of guys came, sang a song in Spanish and gave me a fake "empanada" that said: "Will u marry me?"
I srill have it in my room!